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What is the Testimonium of the Via Francigena?

What is the Testimonium of la Via Francigena?

How can you get it? What are the requirements to obtain it?

Let’s find out together what you need to do to get this pilgrim certificate at the end of your itinerary along the Francigena Way!

The Testimonium: what is this document?

The Testimonium is a document that certifies the pilgrimage to Rome for religious reason, in latin “devotionis causa” .

If you can get the Compostela  after walking the Camino de Santiago, you also can get the Testimonium at the end of the Francigena route.

This document that certificates that you walked the Francigena Way, it’s now as important as it was in the past.

With it, you can demonstrate that you accomplished your promise with real commitment. You completed the Pilgrimage to Rome along the Francigena route.

The Pilgrim Passport on the Via Francigena 

To obtain the Testimonium, you need to get the Pilgrim Passport, called Credenziale del Pellegrino, before starting your route and get enough stamps. This document is an A6 paper format, very similar to the Pilgrim Passport that you can get before walking the Saint James Way.

You can buy it for 5 euros and there is enough space for all those sites designated to put you a stamp (churches, tourist offices, hostels, etc.). The price paid will support the activities of the European Association of the Vie Francigene and partner associations of the same.

Moreover, showing the Pilgrim Passport, you can get some discounts in bars, restaurants and for train tickets (10% discount on the price of regional train tickets).

In case you are walking the Via Francigena for religious reasons, the distances required are 1o0 km by foot or 200 km by bike.

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What do you need to obtain the Testimonium along the Via Francigena?

To obtain the Testimonium on the Francigena Way, you need to show the stamps on your “Credenziale” . We suggest, as for the Camino route, to collect two stamps per day. One in the morning and one where you stay in the night.

Once you arrive in Rome you can go to one of the following offices and ask for your certificate:

At the “ Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi” office in St. Peter’s Square (check map below). ( Mon. to Sun. from 9:00 to 17.00)


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Also, you can get your Testimonium at the following points:

The Sacristy of St. Peter’s Basilica (you can ask for direct entrance to the Swiss guards on the left side of the churchyard, thus avoiding the queue to enter the Basilica; in this way, however, it is not possible to visit the Basilica but only the tomb of St. Peter; Otherwise you can queue to visit the Basilica and go inside the Sacristy).

From the Petriano entrance in piazza S. Uffizio (check map below). (Everyday from 8:30 to 12:30- no Wed. and Sun.). Tel +39 06 69883731.

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If you go to the Ad Limina Petri in the San Lorenzo center of via Pfeiffer 24 in Rome, at the pilgrims’ service reception. (Mon. to Frid. 11:00 to 17:00 in summer). Tel + 39 06 69885332

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