The Company

Our mission is to create transforming and unforgettable experiences on the Camino de Santiago through Galician culture and territory. Always with the customer at the center of the strategy and personalization as a differentiating element.
The Galiwonders team

As an Online Travel Agency, with Wholesaler-Retailer license, we are specialized in organizing customized trips and experiences. For individual travelers, as well as groups, final clients and intermediary companies. We focus on tailor-made trips, fully customizable, adapted to each traveler’s needs. A wide range of traveler profiles, each with their own needs, which we have been able to respond and adapt to. Proof of this is reflected in the more than 2000 pilgrims that enjoy our trips every year, coming from all corners of the world

We connect our land, Galicia and the Camino de Santiago, with those travelers interested in learning about our culture, scenery and traditions. We have a large range of routes and tourist attractions, which continues to grow every season. From the best known, such as the French Way, to others that are gradually gaining a place in our travelers’ memory, such as A Orixe, or the Muros and Noia Camino. We listen to our customers, their comments, suggestions, wishes and expectations, and this allows us to continue expanding our catalog of options. And, what is more important: those who know us, in many cases, decide to repeat.

The purpose of Galiwonders is to connect travelers from all over the world with unique experiences in Galicia and the Camino de Santiago.


With this clear purpose emerges the vision of the company for the coming years. And it is none other than, firstly, to expand our route portfolio and strategic partners to adapt our service offerings to meet each traveler’s needs. Secondly, to reach new markets and become a reference in the distribution of Camino de Santiago trips and other experiences in the region. And thirdly, to do so through a sustainable business model that generates a positive impact on the environment, the economy and society.

This vision is based on 4 fundamental pillars:

The customer as the focus of our day to day work.

Growth without losing our essence, closeness and dedication to service.

Continuous improvement in the processes to adapt our services to the changing needs of the market.

Contribute to the improvement of our nearest environment regarding sustainability and circular economy.

Our Values


We base our relationships with employees, customers, strategic partners and competitors on trust, honesty and transparency.


We encourage the connection between travelers and our land. Promoting cultural understanding, tradition and history of Galicia.


We collaborate with strategic partners with whom we share values and participate in initiatives that contribute to local development and responsible tourism.


A professional team with years of experience in the travel industry. We act with enthusiasm and passion to design a trip capable of meeting your expectations.


To people and the environment. We invest in the continuous training of our employees and facilitate their work-life balance. We make sustainable decisions with the environment.


In continuous research of new routes and tourist experiences to make our offer reach travelers from all over the world.


At Galiwonders we believe in the power of strategic alliances to make a positive impact. We work hand-in-hand with committed partners who share our core values, embarking on initiatives that not only strengthen local development, but also promote responsible and sustainable tourism. We are dedicated to creating lasting impact through collaborations that drive innovation, community and conservation.

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