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A journey that nourishes the soul, fosters human connection and personal growth.

The memories shared, the lasting friendships and the lessons learned make this trip an unforgettable experience. It is a journey that is not only made with the feet, but also with the soul.

Group tours on the Camino de Santiago

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Pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago

Private groups Camino de Santiago

We organize the trip from scratch, adapting to your needs, preferences and budget.

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Pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago
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Services included in our Camino de Santiago travel packages

Lodging and meals

You will stay in hotels, paradors and rural houses. In private room and half board.

Luggage transfer

We organize the transport of luggage between stages so that you can walk comfortably.

Walking Notes

We will send you maps and route notes so that you can follow the route without complications.

Pilgrim´ s passport

We will send to the first accommodation the welcome pack with your pilgrim’s credential.

24/7 assistance

We will take care of you before, during and after your trip.

Other services you can add to your trip

Recommended routes Camino de Santiago in group

These are some of the most popular routes of the Camino de Santiago to do in group.
If you have another route in mind do not hesitate to write us.

French Way from Sarria in group

Undoubtedly the most popular route. You will walk the last 100 of the Camino de Santiago in a group surrounded by nature and sharing the road with pilgrims from all over the world.

Portuguese Way from Tui in group

A unique and less traveled alternative to the popular French Way, giving pilgrims the opportunity to immerse themselves in an authentic journey through Portugal and Galicia.

Portuguese Way from Baiona in group

This route crosses lands steeped in history and legend. A route that will take you through breathtaking coastal landscapes, beaches, picturesque villages and natural paradises.

Doing the Camino de Santiago in a group

Walking the Camino de Santiago in a group is an enriching experience that goes beyond simply walking together. It brings together people from different backgrounds and cultures with a common purpose: to walk a historical and spiritual route to Santiago de Compostela. This collective experience creates a sense of community, mutual support and companionship that become the fundamental pillars of the journey. It is a journey that nourishes the soul, fosters human connection and provides an opportunity to grow as a person. The shared experience, the friendships forged and the challenges overcome as a group make the Camino de Santiago an unforgettable and transformative journey for all who venture on it together.

Why do the Camino in a group with Galiwonders?

Your way. Tailor-made.

We will design an itinerary tailored to your needs, preferences and budget and book all services for you. You enjoy the road.

We are on El Camino

Galicia is our home. We have traveled all the routes of the Camino and we have direct contact with the service providers on the Camino.

We are travelers too

We speak several languages, have lived abroad and have years of experience in organizing trips for people from all over the world.

An unforgettable experience

Hundreds of pilgrims repeat year after year the experience of traveling with us. We want you to be one of them. And that is why we will strive to make your trip unique and unforgettable.

School Tour on the Camino de Santiago

Traveling with a school group can be extremely fun and it surely is an unforgettable experience. However, can be very challenging, too. Everything has to be planned in advance and there is no room for mistakes. Furthermore, in large groups you must be prepared for any eventuality, since anything can suddenly happen and you must be ready to face every situation. That’s why at Galiwonders we offer a great service to big groups, taking care of all the details. Indeed, this is a factor school must consider when they…o/portuguese-coastal-waychoose a local expert for organizing their Way.

By organizing the accommodation, the luggage transfers, the meals, the transfers from and to the airport in advance, Galiwonders wants to create perfect school trips on the Camino de Santiago. In this way the group leaders can be completely focus on the students’ needs and give them all his/her attention. We believe that the Way is such an intense adventure that all the pilgrims should channel their energies only to the route. For this reason we offer a 24/7 emergency phone. This way we are be able to assist our groups on the Way at any time.

To examine in depth how the Way can improve students’ life, we asked to an American teacher, called Molly, her impressions about the school trip that she did with a group of 20 in March on the Camino de Santiago. Below you can find out her description of their experience on the Way. Moreover, she tells us the great value this trip had for all the members of the group, especially considering that straight after their return to the United States, the Covid-19 pandemic started.

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