Accommodation along the Via Francigena

Are you looking for walking the Via Francigena and you want to know what kind of accommodation you can find on your route? Remember that you will cross four different countries, so you will be able to see many different types of accommodation. Let’s find out more about it on this post!

The accommodation along the Via Francigena

The Via Francigena is an itinerary starting in the United Kingdom and ending in Italy. From Canterbury to Rome, it crosses France and Switzerland too.

This long route is the perfect occasion to check how, each country, can offer different types of accommodation. Here, we will focus on the accommodation that you can find in Italy.

You will live a slow tourism experience, mostly far from the most touristic sites. This different way to know Italy will be an opportunity for you to relax and live your Italian dream in complete peace.

So, why not start from the accommodation?

You will be able to find many types of accommodation. From big hotels to rural rustic hotels. And we can’t forget the typical Italian agriturismo (farm stay) that is part of the Italian landscape since decades.

Why not taking an extra day just to enjoy the calm of this paradisiac stay?

Let’s see what you can find while walking the Francigena Way, and discover what accommodation is perfect for you!

Even though the entire walk is more than 2,000km long, you can decide to walk only a section of the Francigena route.

In this post, we will mention the main types of accommodation that you can find if you walk the Via Francigena in Italy.


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    Hotels along the Via Francigena

    France and Italy are known all over the world for their historical and natural heritage sites. Therefore, the tourism has always been one of the main sources for both economies. This is a tradition dating back centuries and that’s the reason why we can find some of the most stunning hotels in these two countries.

    Moreover, in some exceptional cases, today’s hotels could have been historical monument of great importance. Italy, in particular, is so connected to its past and heritage that almost every street and building, is related to some important facts of the past.

    If you stay in a hotel, ask about its history. You will have a high probability that the building hides some incredible secrets!

    In the heart of Tuscany, while crossing town such as Lucca, San Gimignano or Siena, you will be able to stay in one of these beautiful historical hotels.

    Don’t miss the opportunity!

    We want to remind you that along the Via Francigena, as on the Camino de Santiago, we only work with high standard hotels, with private room, with private bathroom and where breakfast is also always included.

    Also, Italy is famous for its tourism and being this one of its main markets, the professionals who work in contact with foreigners are very orientated to offer a high customer service. More and more receptionists, as well as bartenders, waiters, shop assistants , local producers and others professionals of the tourism sector, speak english fluently and put all their efforts in trying to help out whoever needs assistance.

    Get to know the Italian famous friendliness!

    hotel via francigena galiwonders

    Hotel La Cisterna, San Gimignano in the historic centre


    Bed and Breakfast

    Another traditional type of accommodation in Italy is the b&b.

    This started being a solution to the lack of accommodation offer in some of the most touristic sites, such as Tuscany region or in smaller towns of other parts of Italy.

    As its name suggests, in the beginning, this kind of accommodation only offered the possibility to sleep and get breakfast. Nonetheless, don’t get wrong, there is nothing basic in this type of accommodation.

    Some of these b&b, offer a much higher level of comfort than what one could imagine. With the years, and the development of the tourism sector, many b&b started to have a swimming pool, spa, restaurant and much more.

    Also, the quality of the rooms and the service is usually very high.

    Moreover, it can offer the high quality of a 4* hotels but with the close approach of a family service. This is a great opportunity to get to know more about the Italian culture and to live the welcoming warmth of an Italian family!

    And don’t forget the breakfast! Some are so abundant and offer wonderful home-made cakes, jams and other delicious delicatessen, that some customers come back to the same b&b only to try again their breakfast.

    Not kidding…

    B&B Luna, in Casa il Castello, Gambassi Terme

    Agriturismo (Farm Stay) along the Via Francigena

    This kind of accommodation is quite similar to the b&b, however there are some differences.

    This type of accommodation was born from the combination of two words: “agriculture” and “tourism”.

    They initially represented a way to increase the income of these farms, by hosting people on vacation who wanted to get to know more about the Italian rural life.

    These are operating farms and they have farm animals. This is an extra reason for choosing this as your stay if you travel with children.

    In fact, many families with kids are attracted by this kind of accommodation, because the youngest can interact with animals and stay in contact with the nature. Most of the agriturismi are beautiful ancient buildings, which already had the function of farms in the past, and that have been rehabilitated and renovated.

    Some of these farm houses are real luxury resorts and it’s quite common to find them represented in international movies. A bit outside of the main towns and cities, these proprieties offer wonderful views on the surrounding nature and leave tourists speechless.

    Among the positive aspects of staying in this type of accommodation, there are as always, the food and the wine.
    Staying at an agriturismo there will be the possibility to eat and drink the local products, produced in the farm (vegetables of the vegetable gardens, milks and cheese of the farm, wine of the family vineyard, ect..).

    agriturismi via francigena

    Monastery Stay

    As it happens along the Camino de Santiago, also on the Via Francigena, pilgrims can find accommodation in Convents, Monasteries or other religious types of accommodation.

    However, in Italy the accommodation could work a bit different than in Spain.

    For example they might have different opening times, or work with an online booking system.

    Most of these accommodation don’t have a traditional reception. We suggest who wants to stay in this style of accommodation to be more flexible in their approach to these sites. Many of them are still used by nuns or monks and could require strict behaviors from those who are staying over for the night.

    It is important to respect their rules and never forget that you are spending the night in a religious site. Noise, loud voices, late arrivals or similar ways of conduct, might not be accepted.

    Also, the monks or nuns who are running these kind of activities are not usually having a high economical profit from this activity. So, do not expect the same treat that you could receive in a traditional hotel. Their main activity will still be related to the religion and to the service to the community.

    Even if they might be less comfortable than the traditional accommodation, staying in a historical monastery could be a unique experience for pilgrims along the Via Francigena.

    We can’t forget that many of those who decide to undertake a pilgrimage, are moved by mystical and religious reasons. Indeed, this is a great opportunity to get deeper into everyone’s spirituality.

    Anyway, wherever you are religious or not, everyone can enjoy the calm and relax of these types of accommodation, so far from the crowd and the stress of the traditional hotels.

    Enjoy this unique opportunity, you will certainly learn something more about yourself.

    accommodation via francigena galiwonders

    Galiwonders accommodation types

    We want to remind you that at Galiwonders, we only work with those types of accommodation that can guarantee our luggage delivery service.  In fact, along the route, we offer a luggage transfer service from stage to stage and to guarantee this service we need the reception service to be available during the agreed delivery time.

    If you are thinking to walk the Via Francigena, you will find an excellent and diverse offer of accommodation in the many regions crossed by this route in Italy. To know more details and if you have any question about the Francigena route, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

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