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Cycling the Camino de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago from Roncesvalles by bike

Organized pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela
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Tour Description

Roncesvalles is a small village located in northern Spain. Over the centuries, this small village in the Pyrenees has been a place of many multicultural and religious encounters. Also, It has been the site of some relevant historical events.

One of the best known was the Battle of Roncesvalles, where the army of the Roman Emperor Charlemagne was ambushed and defeated by the Basque hordes. Battle that is recounted in the famous poem “La Chanson de Roland”.

The relationship of Roncesvalles with the Camino de Santiago dates back to the Middle Ages. At that time it became an important center of pilgrimage and rest for pilgrims traveling from France and other European countries. Through this small mountain village ran the Roman road connecting Bordeaux-Astorga, followed by pilgrims coming to Galicia to visit the remains of St. James the Apostle.

A part of this way belongs to what we know today as the route of the French Way. The Jacobean route with the longest Jacobean tradition and one of the most popular internationally.

One of the greatest attractions of this Camino is its natural beauty. The Camino from Roncesvalles crosses the impressive mountains of the Pyrenees and passes through all of northern Spain and the variety of its landscapes. The dreamy forests of Navarra, the vineyards and moors of La Rioja, the Castilian-Leonese plateau, the Mountains of León and the Galaico Massif, already in Galicia.

Doing the French Way from Roncesvalles will take you to discover some of the historic towns and villages of northern Spain. You will enjoy its cultural, artistic and architectural richness. And of course, enjoy the gastronomy and wine tourism of northern Spain.

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Check in Roncesvalles

Arrival in Roncesvalles. Although the full French Way starts in St-Jean-Pied-de-Port, the first section is not great for cyclers. That is why the cycling itinerary starts in Roncesvalles.

Roncesvalles - Pamplona (42 km)

Pamplona is famous for its San Fermin festival, declared of International Tourist Interest. This city offers an interesting mix of history and modernity. We recommend you to visit the Cathedral of Santa María la Real and the Museum of Navarra, the Royal Palace or the Citadel and its walls.

Pamplona to Estella (42 km)

According to legend, a Navarrese queen ordered the construction of the emblematic Romanesque bridge at the gates of the town, to facilitate the passage of pilgrims over the Arga River.

Estella - Logroño (46 km)

Leaving Estella behind you will find the Irache fountain, a fountain that provides free wine to pilgrims. It tries to recall the tradition of the monks who gave a glass of wine to the pilgrims who came to the hospital. Many arrived very sick and the wine was used as a restorative. Logroño is the capital of La Rioja region, known for its Denomination of Origin wine “La Rioja” and its delicious gastronomy. You can visit religious buildings, such as the Co-cathedral of Santa María de la Redonda or the Church of San Bartolomé; the House of Science, the Museum of La Rioja. And of course, you can not miss La Calle Laurel. The liveliest street in the city where locals and tourists from all over the world gather for tapas and socializing.

Logroño - Santo Domingo de la Calzada (47 km)

this town became the most important stop on the Jacobean route between Puente de La Reina and León. It owes its name to its founder, Domingo. A hermit who dedicated all his efforts to facilitate the transit through these difficult lands to pilgrims on their way to Compostela. He built a bridge over the waters of the Oja River. He opened a path in the forest to create a safe road. He built a hospital and a temple for the material and spiritual relief of the pilgrims.

Santo Domingo de la Calzada - Burgos (68 km)

Burgos is a city full of history and culture where you can visit many religious buildings. Its Gothic Cathedral, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the Monastery of Santa María la Real de las Huelgas, the Cartuja de Miraflores, the Castle of Burgo, the Church of San Nicolás de Bari, the Arch of Santa María or the Church of San Gil Abad, are some of the most important monuments.

Burgos - Fromista (61 km)

This is a lighter cycling day, compared to the previous day. We recommend you to stop and visit the remains of the Convent of San Antón.

Fromista to Sahagún (58 km)

Today you will cycle through the Meseta of Castilla region. There are many walkers who choose to cycle this part of the Camino de Santiago (and walk the other stretches), because the terrain is great for pedaling.

Sahagún - León (53 km)

Today your route runs through the Castilian plateau offering views of farmland. The highlight is in León, capital of the kingdom during the Middle Ages, it has traditionally been a historic enclave on the pilgrims’ way to Santiago de Compostela. It has a Gothic Cathedral and numerous Roman monuments. You can also visit the Convent of San Marcos and the Casa Botines, by the prestigious architect Gaudí.

León - Astorga (52 km)

Before reaching Astorga, the Cross of Santo Toribio will be waiting for you. All pilgrims take a picture with this monument. Once in Astorga, you should visit the Cathedral and the Palacio Gaudí. That is why this stop is so popular among pilgrims!

Astorga - Ponferrada (51 km)

On this cycling day you will have to face the big ascent towards Cruz do Ferro. Once there, the tradition is taking one stone and throwing it to the cross and make a wish. After this big ascent, there a pleasant descent. One of the highlights of the day: Molinaseca.

Ponferrada - O Cebreiro (51 km)

You leave Ponferrada towards Galician territory until you reach one of the favorite spots for pilgrims on the French Way. Pedrafita do Cebreiro. A small village located in the Ancares mountain range, in Lugo. Known for its Romanesque church and its “pallozas”, typical traditional constructions of the area.

O Cebreiro - Sarria (42 km)

This is a shorter cycling day, and you will share the path with walking pilgrims. You will cycle along small woods, hamlets, and the rural side of Galicia region. Finally you will arrive in Portomarin, one of the most popular spots of the French Way. Once in Melide, we strongly recommend you to try the traditional dish: pulpo a feira (octopus).

Sarria - Portomarín (23 km)

This is a shorter cycling day, and you will share the path with walking pilgrims. You will cycle along small woods, hamlets, and the rural side of Galicia region. Finally you will arrive in Portomarin, one of the most popular spots of the French Way. Once in Melide, we strongly recommend you to try the traditional dish: pulpo a feira (octopus).

Portomarín - Melide (38 km)

Most of the walking pilgrims will complete the section from Portomarín to Palas de Rei. But if you are cycling, you will continue to Melide. The path will take you to the Sierra de Ligonde, where you will have to face a couple of ups and downs. Once in Melide, we strongly recommend you to try the traditional dish: pulpo a feira (octopus).

Melide - Santiago (55 km)

As we leave Melide behind, we will start cycling along small woods and rural areas. Arzúa is the next big stop, and where most of the walking pilgrims will stay overnight. If you have time before heading off to Santiago de Compostela, we recommend you to try the local cheese. Some of the highlights of the day: the Chapel of Santa Irena, the hamlet of A Rua or Amenal. Once in Santiago the Compostela, you can deliver the bike in our facilities before checking in.

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National Paradores of Spain

This is a public hotel chain that manages a network of almost 100 charming hotels distributed throughout the Iberian Peninsula. The establishments are located in buildings of cultural interest and great historical value, and stand out for their scenic, artistic or natural interest (including ancient palaces, monasteries, fortresses, convents, fortresses…).

Rural tourism lodgings

Rural houses, pazos, inns, rectories, castles, monasteries, farmhouses… These are historic buildings of great architectural and patrimonial value. So much so, that this characteristic sometimes gives them the status of “luxury lodging” despite the fact that they are
“luxury accommodation” despite the fact that they are often rustic constructions in which natural stone and wood predominate.

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Frequent questions

To obtain the Compostela you only need to walk the last 100 kilometers of any official route. In the case of the French Way, this requirement is fulfilled starting from Sarria. If you decide to do it by bicycle, you will need to pedal for 200 kilometers, that is, from Ponferrada.

With our bike rental service you can choose between different types of bikes, according to your preferences: mountain bike, gravel bike, road bike, touring bike. And even electric bikes.

A flat tire won’t stop you from getting to Santiago de Compostela! The bike rental service also includes a bike repair kit, so you can patch the bike with your own hands. It is recommended to have some knowledge of bicycle mechanics. Although it is not essential. On the Camino you will always find someone willing to give you a hand!

Yes, you can do the Camino de Santiago with your own bicycle. If you need a bike transport service to get to the starting point of the Camino, we can help you!

Yes, you will be able to store your bike in a safe place in all accommodations. The reception staff will provide you with all the information you need.

From Pamplona Airport

  • Car or cab: 47km with an estimated duration of 1h.
  • Bus: Take the urban bus from Pamplona Airport to the bus stop Yanguas y Miranda nº 19. Frequency every 20′. Another option is to take a cab to the station. From the station, take a bus (ALSA) to Garralda, a 1 hour and 20 minutes journey. From there, take a cab to Roncesvalles, a 13′ journey. For schedules and more information visit: and

From Madrid Airport

  • Car or cab: 440km with an estimated duration of 4 hours and 45 minutes.
  • Train: From T4 take the suburban train (LÍNEA C1) towards Atocha, journey time 40 minutes. Once there, take a train (RENFE) towards Pamplona, journey time 3h. In Pamplona, go by car or cab (journey time 1h) For schedules and more information visit:
  • Bus: From T4 take the bus to Soria or Zaragoza (ALSA), journey time between 52h and 3h 35 minutes. At the respective station take a bus to Pamplona, journey time 2h and 30 minutes. In Pamplona, go by car (journey time 1h) or transfer to a bus (ALSA) to Garralda, journey time 1h and 20 minutes. From there, take a cab to Roncesvalles, a journey of 13 minutes. For schedules and more information visit:

From Barcelona Airport

  • Car or cab: 518km with an estimated duration of 5 hours.
  • Bus: From the TB take the bus (LÍNEA A2) to the stop Pl Espanya – Fgc, journey time 20′. There, go to Barcelona Sants to take a bus (MONBUS) to Pamplona, journey time 5h and 40 minutes. In Pamplona, go by car (1h trip) or transfer to a bus (ALSA) to Garralda, 1h and 20 minutes trip. From there, take a cab to Roncesvalles, a journey time of 13 minutes. For schedules and more information visit:, and
  • Train: Take the train (LÍNEA R2N) towards Barcelona Sants (20′ trip). Once there transfer to the train (RENFE) direction Pamplona, journey time 3h and 50 minutes. In Pamplona go by car (1 hour trip) or transfer to a bus (ALSA) to Garralda, 1 hour and 20 minutes trip. From there, take a cab to Roncesvalles, a journey of 13 minutes. For schedules and more information visit: and

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