Stage 34: Cea-Dozón

Stage 34 of the Via de la Plata, which goes from Cea to Dozón (O Castro), offers pilgrims a picturesque and peaceful route through the Galician fields. With a distance of approximately 22 kilometers, this stage is known for its well-marked trails and direct connection with nature. Walkers will experience the serenity of the Galician rural landscape as they advance on their journey.

Towns through which the stage takes place

  • Cea: Starting point of the stage, Cea is a charming Galician town known for its church and for being famous for its Cea bread, recognized nationally. Pilgrims can explore its cobblestone streets before embarking on the walk.
  • Dozón (O Castro): End point of the stage, Dozón is a small town that welcomes pilgrims in a quiet rural environment. The O Castro area offers a relaxed atmosphere and the opportunity to discover the authenticity of life in the Galician countryside.

Monuments to see along the route

  • Church of Santa María de Cea: Before starting the stage, pilgrims can visit the Church of Santa María de Cea, known for its Romanesque architecture and its role as a historical landmark in the locality.
  • Ponte Ledesma: During the route, walkers will pass Ponte Ledesma, an old medieval bridge that crosses the Deza River. This bridge offers a historical perspective and charming views of the natural environment.

Stage 34 offers pilgrims the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rural authenticity of Galicia, experiencing the direct connection with nature and discovering the cultural wealth of the small towns that characterize this section of the Camino de Santiago.

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Ourense - Cea

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5h 30m
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Cea-Dozón (O Castro)

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