Stage 4: Porto do Son-Noia

Stage 4 of the Muros & Noia Camino promises a captivating journey from Porto do Son to Noia. This section offers pilgrims a varied experience, combining coastal landscapes, rural trails and the arrival at the historic city of Noia. Throughout the walk, pilgrims will be able to delight in panoramic views and immerse themselves in the rich culture that defines this region.

Towns through which the stage takes place

  • Porto do Son: This picturesque coastal town marks the beginning of Stage 4. With its beaches and port, Porto do Son offers pilgrims a relaxed maritime atmosphere before setting out on their way to Noia .
  • Noia: The final destination of this stage, Noia, adds a touch of history and charm. Pilgrims will have the opportunity to explore its cobbled streets, visit historical monuments and enjoy the welcoming atmosphere of this city rich in heritage.

Monuments to see along the route

  • Porto do Son Beaches: As pilgrims venture from Porto do Son, they will be able to enjoy the beautiful beaches that line the coast. This stretch offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean, providing a moment of serenity before continuing towards Noia.
  • Church of San Martín in Noia: Upon reaching Noia, the Church of San Martín stands out as a prominent monument. Its Gothic architecture and artistic interior offer pilgrims a glimpse of religious devotion that has endured through the centuries. The visit to this church marks the end of an enriching stage on the Camino de Santiago.

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Peregrino en un campo con flores

StagesMuros and Noia Camino

Etapa 1

Muros - Esteiro

14 km
3h 50m
Etapa 2

Esteiro-Serra de Outes

12 km
Etapa 3

Serra de Outes-Noia

15 km
Etapa 4

Porto do Son-Noia

16 km
Etapa 5


21 km
Etapa 6

O Tremo-Santiago de Compostela

14 km

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