Winter Way | Camino de Invierno

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    The Winter Way or Camino de Invierno

    The Winter Way is known by this name because it was the route chosen by pilgrims in medieval times, to avoid the area of ​​O Cebreiro on the French Way. Due to snow, the route could be closed at certain times of the year.

    However today, despite what its name may suggest, the Winter Way (or Camino de Invierno) is not the best route for the colder months. This is due to the difficulty of the terrain, and to the fact that it is a fairly remote route in terms of services. Of course, highly recommended for the most experienced pilgrims, who want to enjoy the wildest Galicia, full of history, nature and spectacular landscapes.

    Even though the Winter Way is a traditional route of the Camino de Santiago, with centuries of history, it became very popular over the last few years. 
    Why do we recommend this route? Because of its unforgettable landscapes, the vines, its colorful autumn scene… Those pilgrims who choose the Winter Way, will enjoy the magnificent views of Las Médulas, in León (a UNESCO World Heritage Centre), the vineyards of Ribeira Sacra and its canyons… 
    And even if the route is called the Winter Way, pilgrims are welcome to walk it all the year round! You can walk the full route from Ponferrada, or just its last 100 km (from Monforte de Lemos) in order to get your Pilgrim Certificate. 
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    Day 1:

    Check in Ponferrada

    Day 2: Ponferrada – Las Médulas (27 km)

    Let’s start the walk in Ponferrada, which is also an iconic stop the French Way. The path will take you to Las Médulas, a World Heritage Centre (UNESCO).

    Day 3: Las Médulas – O Barco de Valdeorras (27 km)

    You will walk through an ancient Roman route on the way to O Barco de Valdeorras. This region is really well known because of its wine.

    Day 4: O Barco de Valdeorras – A Rua de Valdeorras (14 km) 

    The walk to A Rúa de Valdeorras is shorter than the previous ones. You will be able to enjoy the landscape, and visit some of the old chapels and bridges along the way.

    Day 5: A Rua de Valdeorras – Quiroga (26 km) 

    This stretch offers really nice views of the river (Sil) and its canyons. This area, known as Ribeira Sacra, is very popular because of its wine, and is vineyards in balconies.

    Day 6: Quiroga – Monforte de Lemos (36 km) 

    Be ready for the longest walking day of the route. After walking through small rural areas, you will finally arrive in Monforte de Lemos, the Capital City of Ribeira Sacra region.

    Day 7: Monforte de Lemos - Chantada (30 km) 

    You will leave behind oak woods, small chapels and rural areas on the way to Chantada. Pilgrims walking this stretch will also enjoy the views of the Miño River and the balconies.

    Day 8: Chantada - Rodeiro (26 km) 

    Chantada is a really nice town, with a medieval heritage that is worth a visit. The most challenging part of the day? The ascent to Monte Faro.

    Day 9: Rodeiro - Lalín (22 km) 

    Last walking day of the Winter Way, since the path will join together with the Via de la Plata once in Lalín.

    Day 10: Lalín - Silleda (15 km) 

    You may see more pilgrims on the way from Lalín to Silleda than the previous days (those pilgrims walking La Via de la Plata). This a shorter walking day, you will enjoy peaceful paths and woods.

    Day 11: Silleda - Ponte Ulla (20 km) 

    The Camino de Santiago walk will continue through small rural area and quiet paths.

    Day 12: Ponte Ulla - Santiago de Compostela (25 km) 

    Last walking day of the Camino de Invierno and the Via de la Plata, from Ponte Ulla to Santiago de Compostela. The walk starts with an ascent towards the Pico Sacro, and will continue through small rural areas until you reach the outskirts of Santiago de Compostela.

    What to do once in Santiago? You can go to the Pilgrim Mass in the Cathedral, visit the Pilgrim’s Office to get your Pilgrim Certificate, and you can even continue the walk towards Finisterre (the End of the World)!

    Day 13

    Check out Santiago de Compostela


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