Via Francigena Easy Viterbo to Rome

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    The Via Francigena Easy from Viterbo to Rome: towards the Eternal City at your own pace!

    The Via Francigena Easy from Viterbo to Rome is the perfect option for those travelers who want to fully dive into the history and charm of Lazio region. You will have the opportunity to divide some stages of the Via Francigena and walk less each day!

    This will allow you to get more time to spend in this beautiful place in complete connection with its past and traditions.

    Not only history, though. Beautiful landscapes, nature and amazing food is waiting for you in this unique experience before reaching the marvelous St. Peter Square, in Vatican City, Rome. 

    Now you can enjoy the Via Francigena Easy alternative with Galiwonders and live your Italian dream! 

    Galiwonders will help you to make the most of this incredible experience. We will take care of the logistics, so that you can just concentrate on enjoying your walk.

    • Private accommodation · Half Board · Luggage Transfers included.
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    Day 1: Viterbo

    Famous for being called the City of the Popes, Viterbo is one the best example of medieval cities in all Europe.
    In the famous Papal Palace (Palazzo dei Papi) took place the first papal conclave.

    The Cathedral of St. Lorenzo, and the church of Santa Maria Nuova, the oldest one (built in 1080), are very beautiful too.

    You can’t miss the Acquacotta and the other typical dishes of this place. Enjoy!

    Day 2: Viterbo- Vetralla (16 km)

    Today’s route will be the longest but will take you to Vetralla, a unique medieval village near the park of Lake Vico and Mount Fogliano. Vetralla’s public thermal baths were already famous in the ancient times.

    The historic center really deserve a visit and after that let’s go to get some energies with the typical dishes of the area. Among them you will have to try the pappardelle with bolognese sauce or the fettuccine with porcini mushroom sauce. Buon appetito!

    Day 3: Vetralla-Capranica (14,7 km)

    Leaving Vetralla behind, you will discover the amazing environment defined by its hazelnut and oak forests of the surrounding areas. On your way, you will find the Orlando’s Tower, funeral monument of romanic period and you will reach the charming village of Capranica.

    This town of etruscan origins has a picturesque historical centre with nice buildings and churches. You can find an image (Virgin with Jesus) considered miraculous in the Madonna del Piano church.

    Day 4: Capranica- Sutri (8 km)

    Today the route is quite short, so you will have time to visit the fortified medieval town of Sutri. According to the legend, it was founded by Saturn himself, father of all the Gods.

    For the good conditions in which Sutri has been maintained (almost unchanged in time) it received the TCI (Italian Touring Club) Orange Flag Award that certifies the excellence of the small villages in the interior.

    You will be able to visit the Roman amphitheater excavated in the tufo, and the small church of the Madonna del Parto. Also the Charlemagne Castle and a roman necropolis with more than 64 tombs to see.

    Day 5: Sutri - Monterosi (10 km)

    Leaving Sutri, you will now walk immersed in the nature walking in the Lazio countryside until you will reach a lake full of water lilies, near the village of Monterosi. Enjoy the beautiful calm and beauty of this natural wonder. Here is where you will stop today and get some energy for tomorrow route!

    Day 6: Monterosi- Campagnano di Roma (14,5 km)

    Today’s route will take you to the waterfalls of Monte Gelato where you can take a bath and refresh before returning to the path.
    You will find the rest of an ancient romanic villa and an old mill too.

    Through a panoramic route you will enter the Veio natural park, and following a walk near the river you will arrive at the village of Campagnano, which is situated on the top of a hill.

    Day 7: Campagnano di Roma- Formello (8,5 km)

    Today will not be too hard, so enjoy the panoramic route in the Veio natural park until you will reach Formello.

    This village has a beautiful historical centre with very ancient origins. Here has been discover a vase with the Alphabet of Formello which made possible to translate part of the original Etruscan alphabet. To see: the Church of San Lorenzo and the Chigi Palace.

    Day 8: Formello- Isola Farnese (10,8 km)

    Leaving the village of Formello behind you will pass for Veio archeological site (already very important town from the VI century B.C.) but then was conquered and destroyed by Rome. You will end just nearby the ancient Temple of Apollo (only ruins today).

    Day 9: Isola Farnese-Tomba di Nerone (9,5 Km)

    After starting in the highly congested Cassia route, you will dive into the relaxing nature of the Insugherata Park.

    The 9.5 km until the Tomba of Nerone will allow you to fully enjoy the nature before reaching your destination. This monument, built in the III century, was wrongly believed to be the grave of the famous Nerone, but in reality is the the tomb of the proconsol Publio Vibio Mariano and his wife Regina Maxima.

    Day 10: Tomba di Nerone- Roma (10 km)

    Today is the day! You will finally reach your destination, St. Peter Square, in Rome.

    Passing by the Mount Mario, you will see the Eternal City from the top, and you will be able to feel the same emotion as the old pilgrims in the past.

    Be ready to get to the beautiful Rome and enjoy your arrival moment. Now just time for some good local food to celebrate it!

    Day 11: Rome

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