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    Walk the Via de la Plata, last 100 km to Santiago

    The Via de la Plata brings pilgrims from southern Spain to Santiago de Compostela. If you want to walk this trail but only have a week to spare, walk the last 100 km of the Via de la Plata or Camino Sanabrés from Ourense to Santiago.

    The original Via de la Plata was a Roman road that stretched from modern-day Mérida to Astorga. Today, the term refers to the route followed by Camino de Santiago pilgrims from southern Spain to Santiago de Compostela.

    The last 100 km will be all in Galicia, and you will start in Ourense, the capital of the province with the same name and a city with an important roman past. When you are there, take the opportunity to relax at the termas, natural hot springs, and get energized for your Camino.

    The walk from Ourense to Santiago will be full of greenery, small villages and all the charm that Galicia has to offer. If you are worried about the length of any walking day, don’t hesitate to tell us! We can split them or add extra nights for you to rest. Each pilgrim needs to follow their own way!

    At we want to help you to get the most of this lifetime experience. Forget about your luggage and all the logistics, since we will take care of all these details. Just focus on enjoying your walk to Santiago!

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    Day 1: Check in - Ourense

    The city of Ourense will be the start of your adventure. Ourense is a city with a strong roman past. Use your free time to visit San Martiño Cathedral and As Burgas, natural thermal fountains in the city center or relax at the termas, natural hot water springs.

    Day 2: Ourense - Cea (22 km)

    Today is the start of your adventure! As you leave Ourense, the cobbled streets will give way to rural roads. Your first stop, Cea, is famous for its artisanal bread, so don’t leave without trying it!

    Day 3: Cea - Dozón (16 km)

    This is a rural stretch. On your way, you will leave behind several small villages, churches and cruceiros, the typical landscape of rural Galicia!

    Day 4: Dozón - Lalín (21 km)

    The walk from Dozón will be another rural stretch where you will walk by oak forests. Lalín is know for its gastronomy, so try is renowned cocido!

    Day 5: Lalín - Silleda (16 km)

    This stretch is quite similar to the last one. Once again, you will follow rural roads and walk past churches, cruceiros and small villages.

    Day 6: Silleda - Ponte Ulla (20 km)

    This stretch will bring you to A Coruña province. The walk will be an easy one, except for the last descent towards Ponte Ulla. But we think it will be worth it because of the incredible views! We recommend to stop at Dornelas and visit its romanesque style church.

    Day 7: Ponte Ulla - Santiago de Compostela (20 km)

    Finally, the last 20 km to Santiago! This final day will start with an easy walk that will take you to the end of your journey. Once in Santiago, don’t forget to visit the Pilgrim’s Office and get your Compostela!

    Day 8: Check out

    Your last day with us! Before you leave, we recommend extending your Camino to Finisterre, known as the end of the world and one of Galicia’s most picturesque places!


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