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    The French Way Pet-Friendly

    Thinking about walking the Camino but you don’t want to leave your pet at home? Here you have the solution: you can now take your pet with you on this adventure!

    If you are thinking about walking the Camino with your dog, you will be able to complete the last 100 km of the French Way. From Sarria to Santiago de Compostela in 9 stages. Your little friend will walk next to you, stage by stage (around 12 km per day). 

    Years ago, it was almost impossible to find any accommodation allowing pets inside their facilities. Nowadays in some of them it is possible to stay with our dog. We got in touch with them to create this dreamer route for you and your best fried!  

    Dogs love walking in the countryside, enjoy nature, the mountains and landscapes as much as we do. The Camino de Santiago tour is as exciting for them as it is for you! Your dog will have its own credential! How does it sound?

    You will have time to stop in some of the most singular places and enjoy the gastronomy, take some photos and meet other dog-pilgrims that may have already started the Camino.

    Do you think your pet could be walking longer or shorter stages? Do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information. We will inform you about all the possibilities according to your preferences.

    20% of the benefits of our pet-friendly packages, will be donated to the Animal Welfare Association of Pontevedra (Os Palleiros).

    • Private accommodation · Half Board · Luggage Transfers included. Pets allowed.
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    If you want to add extra nights, upgrade your accommodation, add or remove meals, stay on a specific place… or change anything on the itinerary, please do not hesitate to let us know. We offer tailor-made tours!

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    Please note that our itineraries are completely flexible. If you have a different idea in mind (want to add or remove nights, services, etc), you can just let us know.

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    20% of the benefits of our pet-friendly packages, will be donated to the Animal Welfare Association of Pontevedra (Os Palleiros).


    Day 1

    Check in Sarria

    Day 2: Sarria – Morgade (11 km)

    From Sarria to Morgade you will find some of the most rural landscapes in Galicia. A path between meadows, trees and small villages that both you and your dog will be able to walk in a peaceful way, while you enjoy the surroundings.

    Day 3: Morgade – Portomarín (9 km)

    From Morgade to Portomarin you will walk across rural roads surrounded by nature. This stage shows us the farming activity that will let us travel into the past, when industries were less present than nowadays. Moreover, in Portomarin we will discover a very beautiful town that contains a historical reservoir. We shouldn’t lose the chance to know more about it!

    Day 4: Portomarín – Ventas de Narón (11 km)

    After knowing the picturesque town of Portomarin, our itinerary continues taking place across pine forests and little villages, until reaching the town of Ventas de Narón. There we will find the chapel A Madalena and a fountain right next to it. The potable water from this spring will quench our thirst after climbing the hill from Portomarin.

    Day 5: Ventas de Narón – Palas de Rei (11 km)

    From Ventas de Narón we will continue going up through Sierra de Ligonde. Ahead, we will start to come down as we arrive in Palas de Rei, one of the most relevant places into the Camino Francés.

    Day 6: Palas de Rei – Melide (14 km)

    We will penetrate into the dense forest by Ulloa region in order to get Melide. This town is known for the tasty and traditional Galician octopus (Pulpo Gallego).

    Day 7: Melide – Arzúa (14 km)

    From Melide to Arzúa, we will walk an easy and well-kept route, across dirt paths, stones, surfaced tracks and some countryside villages. Right before arriving in Arzua, we will get into Ribadiso by a bridge over the river Iso. If the weather is favorable, the fresh water of this river will be perfect for a cooling bath. This town is very famous in Galicia because of the local cheese: queso de Arzúa.

    Day 8: Arzúa – A Salceda (10 km)

    A plain path runs from Arzúa to Salceda. We will cross between eucalyptus forests and little towns.

    Day 9: A Salceda – O Pedrouzo (9 km)

    An enjoyable stage will bring us until O Pedrouzo, where we will continue underneath vast eucalyptus woods. They will help us to stay away from the noisy national road N-547 that runs parallel.

    Day 10: O Pedrouzo – Lavacolla (10 km)

    Between leaf covered trails, eucalyptus and some Galician oak forests, we will finally arrive in Lavacolla. The route will bring the feeling of an end, accompanied by the sound of planes that land in Santiago Airport.

    Day 11: Lavacolla – Santiago (10 km)

    The last stage to Santiago de Compostela will let us to sight the city. Don’t lose the opportunity to enjoy an incredible panoramic view from the Monte do Gozo. The way will become more urban as we arrive in the most famous square of Santiago de Compostela: plaza do Obradoiro. The Cathedral is welcoming pilgrims there.

    Although we can’t get into the Cathedral with our dog-friend, there are many places in Santiago where we can go together. Specially the park of La Alameda, where we can enjoy some amazing views of the Cathedral and dogs are welcome to walk with total freedom.

    Don’t forget to go to the Pilgrim Reception Office (Oficina del Peregrino) with our stamping credential in order to get the Compostela. Furthermore, our dog-pilgrim friend will also get its own Certificate in the office of the Association APACA (an association for the protection of the animals in the Camino). You can contact Galiwonders team for further information.

    Day 11

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