portuguese coastal way
Portuguese Coastal Way Portuguese Coastal Camino Galiwonders
 Camino de Santiago routes: traditional Portuguese Camino & Portuguese Coastal Camino There are many pilgrims who get in contact with us to ask about the differences between the Portuguese Camino (the traditional one) and the Portuguese Coastal Camino. It is commonly said that there are as many routes as pilgrims walking them, and we want...
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El Camino Portugués de la Costa Galiwonders
The Portuguese Coastal Way An alternative pilgrimage route: walking the Camino de Santiago along the coast There are many routes to choose from on the Camino de Santiago walk. Since the Middle Ages, thousands of pilgrims have chosen different routes to reach the sacred city and visit the remains of St James the Apostle. The...
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Camino de Santiago Tour - GaliWonders
The Camino Walk Test: one route for each Pilgrim Did you know there is one Camino walk for each pilgrim?  It is commonly said that there are as many Camino de Santiago routes, as pilgrims walking them. But, which one should you choose? Here you have the ultimate Camino walk test: answer some simple questions, add...
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