English Way
This is a frequently asked question: where do I fly to start the Camino de Santiago? Which is the best airport? How can I get to the starting point? The answer to these questions depend on different factors, like the route you have chosen, where you want to start the Camino, or where you want...
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Coastal Routes Camino de Santiago galiwonders
The coastal routes of the Camino de Santiago are becoming very popular. Here you have our favorite walks. There is more than the French Way on the Camino de Santiago. And pilgrims, are asking more and more for alternative routes, offering different kind of experiences. The routes along the coast are becoming very popular, because...
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The English Way - Galiwonders
If you are planning to walk the English Way, keep reading The path from Betanzos to Mesón do Vento, on the English Way, has experienced some changes. Particularly, the stretch from Presedo to Hospital de Bruma. Even if there are indications along the way, if you are planning to walk this route, you may find...
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