camino finisterre
glamping on the camino de santiago
Glamping on the Camino de Santiago: a new way to travel? Glamping, which comes from the combination of “glamour” and “camping” is a style of traveling that mixes traditional camping with the luxuries of hotel accommodations. It is an experience that allows you to feel the pleasure of being surrounded by nature without sacrificing any...
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Camino de Santiago walk Galiwonders
Trevor Huxmhan walked the French Way and the Finisterre Way A few weeks ago we decided to create a directory with Blogs related to the Camino de Santiago, mainly written by international English speaking pilgrims. We thought it would be very interesting to know how this experience was seen by those who have to travel...
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Camino de Santiago
Making use of the phrase “All roads lead to Rome´´, we can state, in a sense, that all roads lead to Santiago de Compostela as well. With many years of tradition, the Camino de Santiago is one of the most popular pilgrim routes in the world. As we know, the objective is the Camino itself,...
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Finisterre Way Galiwonders
The Finisterre Way: a walk towards the End of the World When we talk about the Pilgrimage on the Camino, we must not forget about the Finisterre Way. This walk, that is starting to be very popular, has an ancient history that dates back from the XII century. Its main peculiarity is that, unlike the...
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