Camino del Norte
camino de santiago quotes
Our 10 favorite Camino de Santiago quotes Walking may seem easy, but when you do it for a long time it can get tough. So if you are in need of some inspiration for your Camino, look no further! We have chosen ten Camino de Santiago quotes that we hope will motivate you to keep...
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Camino de Santiago Tour - GaliWonders
The Camino Walk Test: one route for each Pilgrim Did you know there is one Camino walk for each pilgrim?  It is commonly said that there are as many Camino de Santiago routes, as pilgrims walking them. But, which one should you choose? Here you have the ultimate Camino walk test: answer some simple questions, add...
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Camino del Norte Northern Way Galiwonders
The Northern Way or Camino del Norte is one of the most spectacular routes of the Camino de Santiago Which route of the Camino de Santiago should I choose? Well, the answer to this question always depends on the strength, time and motivations of each pilgrim. But we always recommend to do some research before...
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