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codex calixtinus
Codex Calixtinus: a Medieval pilgrimage guide Recently, in our Camino de Santiago Test, we asked you about the Codex Calixtinus. If that was one of the questions you got wrong, do not worry, because today we are going to tell you all about this famous book! As you may already know, the Codex Calixtinus is kept in...
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camino de santiago test
How much do you know about the Camino? Take the Camino de Santiago Test Are you a Camino de Santiago expert? Do you know all there is to know about the pilgrimage? Take our Camino de Santiago test to find out! And don’t forget to tell us your score in the comments!   Do you...
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St James' Day
St James’ Day in Santiago de Compostela The 25th of July marks Santiago de Compostela’s biggest day: St James’ Day, the day in which the city honors the Apostle. It is also the National Day of Galicia, and therefore a local holiday. Are you planning to visit Santiago de Compostela during the second half of...
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