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One of the services that we offer as Camino Travel Agency, and that most reassures our pilgrims, is the possibility of having our emergency number, active 24 hours a day. This phone number is available to solve all the problems that may arise while you are on route on the Camino de Santiago.

This allows, especially pilgrims making the trip for the first time or traveling alone, to feel a little safer before starting their journey.

Problems you may have during the Camino de Santiago and how to solve them

The Camino de Santiago is a unique experience that you will almost certainly enjoy, but it is always better to be ready for any inconvenience. That’s why today we talk to you about some of the possible problems during the Camino de Santiago and what is the best way to solve them.

“I’ve injured myself.”

If you suffer an injury during the Camino de Santiago, which prevents you from walking, our recommendation is that you continue the Camino traveling by cab between each stage (at least until you recover). This way, you can continue to enjoy the Camino and visit the places you had planned.

Although modifications are not allowed once the trip starts, we will try to help you as much as possible. However, please note that any changes once the Camino has started will be at the client’s expense.
I can’t find my suitcase!

If when you arrive at the accommodation, your suitcase is missing, you can call us at the emergency phone number that you will find in your Travel Kit. Although the front desk will usually be able to help you, if you have any problems in this regard, we are here to help you.

Why isn’t my suitcase showing up?”

We know how disappointing it is to arrive at your accommodation, sweating, with sore feet and a tremendous desire to change clothes, and not be able to do so because your suitcase has not arrived. Usually, two things can happen:

There may have been some confusion at the drop-off location. For example, there are two accommodations with similar names and the carrier delivers it to the wrong place.
The carrier has suffered some mishap or delay for exceptional reasons and has not been able to deliver on time.
In any case, don’t worry, we will take care of talking to the carrier to locate your belongings and get them to you in the shortest possible time. In addition, you will have up-to-the-minute information so you know how long it will take and can plan your time.
Although it’s a cumbersome hassle, they always end up showing up!

“The hotel wants to make me pay for the reservation.”

Although it is a rare problem, you should keep in mind that many times the hotel staff is seasonal, so they don’t know all the agreements between agencies and establishments.
In any case, the services you have included will appear on the voucher and will always be paid for by the agency. So, if there is any confusion, do not hesitate to call our emergency phone number. We will solve it on the spot.

“I got lost”

Temporary disorientation is one of the most distressing problems you could encounter, but they have a quick and simple solution.First and foremost, stay calm. Whether your Camino is very busy or there are few pilgrims, the yellow arrows always appear.
If you call our emergency phone number, we will try to help you or, at least, we will give you a little calm until the yellow arrow lights up your Camino again.
Be patient because it will surely appear. In any case, keep in mind that, since we are not physically with you on the Camino, it is difficult to tell you where to continue. However, any reference you give us will be useful to try to follow your steps.
Even so, the Camino is very well signposted, and it depends on the month of the year… but you will always find someone who can help you. However, if for any reason you have become disoriented, it is best to look for a reference point (such as a bar, a restaurant, or a store). Once you find one, call your accommodation and they will send you a cab. Remember that these additional trips are not included, so you will need to have cash to pay for them.

“I have a transfer booked and my plane is late”

An additional problem, and one that no one wishes on anyone, is that your flight has been delayed. It can also happen that you had very little time to make the stopover and did not arrive in time to catch the next flight. Or, worst of all, your flight was cancelled.

If your flight has been delayed or cancelled, you can send us a sms or Whatsapp. As soon as we see it, we will notify the cab to delay the pick-up time.
If you have missed your flight connection, here are the steps to follow:
Send us a message (sms or Whatsapp) notifying us of the incidence. If you have hired a transfer through the agency, we will notify the carrier and wait to know the new arrival time at the airport.
You must contact the airline and arrange with them the next flight.
As soon as you know the new arrival time and flight number, let us know so we can reschedule the pick-up time with the cab driver.
If your flight has been cancelled and you cannot catch another flight on the same day, send us a message so that we can coordinate services for the day you arrive. On the other hand, if it is impossible to catch another flight and you will not be able to travel, we recommend that you take out travel insurance so that you can make a claim.

Don’t worry about the rest. We will take care of calling the accommodation to notify them of the delay.

“My hotel can’t find my reservation”

In the unlikely event that, when you arrive at your hotel, they can’t find your reservation, we recommend that you ask them to call our office (or our emergency phone number in case it is a weekend or holiday). There are several reasons why this problem may have arisen:

You may be looking at the hotels specified as examples in the preliminary itinerary. Remember that the accommodations you have contracted are the ones you will find in your Travel Kit, both in the vouchers and in the document containing the hotel information.
The hotel may have made a note of the reservation in the name of the person from the agency. If this happens, tell them that you have booked your Camino with Galiwonders.
Any other type of confusion, such as the name being entered incorrectly, a misunderstanding of communication due to language, an error by the accommodation when inserting the reservation into their system, etc. Either way, call us and we will solve any of these problems as quickly as we can. And don’t worry, there is always a solution.

“I have dinner booked, but they tell me I have to pay for it”

This is a very rare problem, but it could be the case and we would have to find out why it happens. So, several things could happen.

Accommodations/restaurants have an adapted menu that usually includes at least two choices of starters and two choices of main courses. Sometimes, none of the options they offer is to the customer’s taste. In this case, you will have to talk to them to see if it is possible to change any of the options. They are usually very cooperative and their main motto is to make the customer feel at ease. In any case, make sure with them that the change will not involve any extra cost that you will have to pay separately.
You want to have something that is not on the menu, but on the menu. Again, of course you can do this, but any extra cost derived from your choice, you will have to pay for it separately if so indicated by the accommodation. Make sure before ordering any dishes off the menu.
Sometimes it may be the case that you would like to have an extra soft drink or change the type of drink that is included in the menu. In other cases, the menu does not include a drink. In either case, check with the accommodation/restaurant about the services included, to avoid surprises at the end of the evening.

In any case, if neither of these cases occurs and the accommodation/restaurant you have contracted tells you that you have to pay the bill, show them the voucher. It is an informative document that will clarify any doubts. If it says that you have Half Board, it means that you have dinner included with your reservation, and that dinner includes the menu that they have adapted for their pilgrim clients. The best choice is to ask directly: what does my dinner include? The service staff will clarify your doubts so that you can dine without worries.

“When I made my reservation, I specified certain food intolerances, but the restaurant doesn’t know that.”

Special dietary requirements are quite common nowadays. Although certain types of menus such as vegetarian, vegan, celiac, etc., are becoming more and more common, some restaurants still don’t know exactly how to respond to them.
If you have a food allergy and you have mentioned it in your reservation, the restaurant will have that information. But there may be a situation where they don’t know exactly what to offer you. Although this situation is not common, if this happens to you, tell the service staff. If they can’t offer you the menu that suits your needs, don’t hesitate to let us know so that we can fix it quickly.

Most of the time, these problems happen because of a miscommunication or a misunderstanding. From Galiwonders we will try to help you have a good experience and you can dine according to the requirements you have specified.
However, please keep in mind that if you don’t tell us before the trip, we won’t be able to notify the restaurants. If you have forgotten to do so, remember to let us know as soon as you detect it. If you are already in the restaurant and you forgot to do it, talk to them so they can give you some option. And don’t forget to let us know, so that we can communicate it to the other accommodations.

“I forgot a personal item in the previous accommodation”

Often, housekeepers come to the rooms to clean and find some forgotten object (a cell phone charger, a wallet, a T-shirt, a watch…). If you think you may have left an object in the accommodation, the quickest way to solve it is to call the reception of the accommodation itself. They usually keep a register of forgotten objects and will be able to find yours if it has been left there.
Forgetfulness due to forgotten personal items is very common in accommodations.

If for any reason, the accommodation has problems to understand you (for language reasons), do not hesitate to contact us so that we can help you to solve the communication.
If finally the object in question has stayed in that accommodation, you have three options:
As the driving distance between stages is relatively short, you can take a cab to the accommodation to pick up your personal item. Tell the cab driver to wait for you, so you can return to the accommodation without having to look for another cab.
If you don’t feel like taking a cab, you have the option of letting us know so that we can try to arrange for the baggage handler to pick up your item the next day. Normally, he will deliver it to the accommodation you have for the next day. Note that this option may be viable if you are at the beginning of the Camino and you still have several accommodations where they can deliver the suitcase and, therefore, the object. In addition, it will involve an extra cost that you can pay directly to the carrier or the agency. Do not hesitate to let us know to see the most appropriate option at the time.

If this happens to you on the last day, the following circumstances could occur:

I forgot an object in the penultimate accommodation and today I arrive in Santiago de Compostela, or the last accommodation of the Camino I chose.
In this case, the best option is to take a cab, since due to lack of time, managing this is quite complicated. Ask at the reception of the accommodation for directions to the nearest cab rank or even to call a cab to pick you up at the door of the establishment.
I’m at the airport and I just remembered that I forgot an important personal item at the last accommodation.

Forgetting personal items at the last accommodation (the last night) is the most difficult to manage.
But, as always, everything has a solution.

This is the most complicated to solve, but as always, everything has a solution. Here, we recommend that you call the accommodation and ask them if they can send the item to your mailing address. Keep in mind that, as in all these cases, the costs will be on your account and you will have to manage it directly with them, if they offer this possibility. If there are many hours left for the departure of your flight and you are relatively close to your accommodation, you could try to take a cab that you can find at the airport.
Chances are that you will not suffer any of these problems during the Camino de Santiago, but it is always better to be prepared.
We hope you find these tips on possible problems during the Camino de Santiago useful on your trip.
If you have any other problems, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Have a good Camino!

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