Galicia Starlight

Who hasn’t ever lied down the ground, or the sand of the beach, during summer nights to contemplate the stars?

And every year, here in Galicia, during some specific nights in July or August, it is possible to enjoy the view of what we know as “Saint Laurent Tears”, or Perseides. That is a rain of lost stars, that are actually small meteorites that hit the atmosphere, creating this delightful spectacle of lights, to which we can ask to fulfill all our wishes.

This summer image, so usual for those who live in this region, it is not so common in other places of the world. This is due, among other reasons, to the light pollution that impedes to contemplate the sky with all its beauty. That is why Galicia has became a Starlight Tourist Destination or, in other words, a place to contemplate the immensity of the firmament. It is the perfect spot to carry out activities related to astronomy.

A Veiga: it is the first Starlight point of Galicia. Until this year, Trevinca in A Veiga, was the only place of Galicia that was part of the select Starlight Club, formed by only 14 other places of the world, by then. Due to its altitude, climate, and light conditions, it is the perfect spot to enjoy this healthy activity.

Parque das Illas Atlánticas: Cíes, Ons, Sálvora, and Cortegada Islands, are unique places for star contemplation, that is why they all have recently been awarded as Starlight points. Besides enjoying lovely beaches, walking routes, and amazing landscapes, now Starlight has became a new asset for these islands. It is possible to learn a lot about these field, as there are astronomic workshops during summer season, that include transport to the islands, accommodation and activities.

These are the most popular Starlight points of Galicia, but it is possible to contemplate the stars in many other places. We strongly recommend O Grove, in the Rías Baixas region.

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