Stage 9: Lalín-Silleda

Stage 9 of the Winter Way, from Lalín to Silleda, is characterized by its serene landscape and its route of approximately 18 kilometers. This section offers pilgrims the opportunity to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the province of Pontevedra, combining green fields, quiet forests and small towns that preserve the Galician essence.

Stage 9 Winter Camino

From now on you will join to the Silver Route, and of course, Santiago de Compostela is not far… This is a shorter stage, and you may note that it’s becoming more social. That’s because you will find other pilgrims, and also because the Silver Route and the Winter Way become one.

The path runs around forests and rural areas where you’ll see some interesting archaeological sites, several Romanesque and Gothic churches, and typical stone houses.

Toxa Waterfall

The water from the river Toxa in Silleda comes down the waterfall that you shouldn’t fail to visit, as well as the Monastery of Carboeiro from the 10th century.

Towns through which the stage takes place

  • Lalín: Starting point with its cultural and folkloric charm. Pilgrims can explore the city, marked by tradition and hospitality, before starting their journey.
  • Donramiro: Small village that is located on the road and offers walkers an authentic experience of Galician rural life.
  • Silleda: Final destination of the stage, known for its parish church and its quiet atmosphere. Silleda offers pilgrims the opportunity to discover the authenticity of the deepest Galicia.

Monuments to see along the route

  • Parish Church of Santiago in Lalín: Starting point that presents an example of local religious architecture, inviting pilgrims to contemplate the historical and spiritual richness of the path.
  • Church of San Vicente in Donramiro: Religious monument that stands out on the route, offering walkers a place to pause and reflect in the middle of the rural environment.
  • Parish Church of Santa María in Silleda: Emblematic monument that marks the end of the stage. Pilgrims can explore this church and immerse themselves in the serenity of the town.

Stage 9 of the Winter Way provides pilgrims with an enriching experience, combining natural beauty with the authenticity of the Galician towns along its route.

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