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Via Francigena

Via Francigena | from Viterbo to Rome

Organized pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela
| Autoguided Tour

Tour Description

Walk on the Etruscan routes to the Eternal City!

This route, full of history and charm will allow you to relive the past in ancient sites such as the city of Viterbo or in the Roman amphitheater of Sutri, entirely excavated in the tuff.

Before you arrive to San Pietro Square in the Vatican, you will also have the opportunity to experience unique moments in the natural landscapes of Lazio.

Now you can enjoy Via Francigena with Galiwonders and live your Italian dream!

On your way, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful landscape of both rural and urban Lazio. You will be able to taste its gastronomy accompanied by a good glass of one of the local wines in a unique natural environment.

This is undoubtedly a unique opportunity to enjoy spectacular scenery in the company of many pilgrims from all around the world on their way to Rome.

If you feel the stages are too long, don’ t worry, we can offer you the possibility of splitting them in two and staying halfway, so you can walk at your own speed.

Galiwonders will help you to make the most of this vital experience. We will take care of the logistics, so that you can just concentrate on enjoying your walk.

Experience details

Included Services

Accommodation in a private room with private bathroom
Luggage transfer between stages
Half board: breakfast and dinner
Travel insurance
Route notes
Pilgrim's credential
24/7 phone support

Check in Viterbo

Viterbo is one of the best preserved medieval cities in Central Italy and its center is the largest medieval example in Europe. Known for being the City of the Popes, its main attraction is obviously the Papal Palace (Palazzo dei Papi) where the first papal conclave took place. Also the Cathedral of St. Lorenzo, built on a pagan temple of Hercules, stands out for its importance. However, this is not the oldest church in Viterbo, which is instead the church of Santa Maria Nuova (1080). Among the typical dishes of Tuscia (ancient name of the Etruscan territory) we can find the acquacotta and many other typical dishes that will leave you a delicious memory of this city.

Viterbo- Vetralla (22 km)

Today’s route will take you to Vetralla, a unique medieval-style village in the middle of nature, near the park of Lake Vico and Mount Fogliano. Symbol of Vetralla are its public thermal baths, already famous in the ancient times. In the historic center, there are important buildings such as the neoclassical Duomo, the church of San Francesco and the Palazzo Comunale of Vetralla. You cannot miss two typical dishes of the area, pappardelle with bolognese sauce and fettuccine with porcini mushroom sauce or an aperitif based on the local rustic bread with local oil. Simple but delicious!

Vetralla- Sutri (24 km)

Leaving Vetralla behind, you will pass through a magical natural environment defined by its hazelnut and oak forests. Today you will discover one of the most emblematic places for its history and charm, the fortified medieval town of Sutri. According to the legend, it was founded by Saturn himself, father of all the Gods. Sutri remained almost unchanged in time and for this reason it has deserved the TCI (Italian Touring Club) Orange Flag Award that certifies the excellence of the small villages in the interior. Among the attractions of this area you will be able to visit the Roman amphitheater excavated in the tufo and the small church of the Madonna del Parto whose frescoes represent the Virgin and the Saints. Also worth a visit is Charlemagne Castle where, according to the legend, the king stayed in 800 during his journey to Rome for the coronation. If you still have time there is also a roman necropolis with more than 64 tombs to see.

Sutri- Campagnano (24 km)

Your day of immersion in the nature begins by walking in the Lazio countryside until you will reach a lake full of water lilies, near the village of Monterosi. Then your route will take you to the waterfalls of Monte Gelato where you can take a bath and rest before returning to the path. Through a panoramic route you will enter the Veio natural park and following a walk near the river you will arrive at the village of Campagnano which is situated on the top of a hill.

Campagnano - La Storta (23 km)

Leaving Campagnano behind, you will follow your panoramic route in the Veio Natural Park, where you can see the sanctuary of the Madonna del Sorbo in the valley of the same name. You will also pass through the historical centre of the medieval village of Formello until you reach the small village of Isola Farnese, whose nickname is due to the isolated position between the two valleys of Sorta and San Sebastiano, where there is a 13th century medieval castle.

La Storta - Roma (19 km)

Today is the day! The walk will take you to your final destination, St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican. You will now be able to immortalize your arrival with a spectacular photo in front of the most famous Basilica in the world. Before your arrival, you will have to pass through the suburbs and the traffic of this great metropolis could collide with the tranquility of these last days walking in nature. Your walk ended up here but we advise you to stay a little more than a day to live the charm of this beautiful city, and to taste some of its richest dishes. The Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Navona square and Spain Square as well as the Trastevere district are some of the wonders that you will be able to visit. The most known is that throwing a coin in the fountain will guarantee your return to Rome. Another custom is related to those girls who had to say goodbye to their boyfriends, who were leaving. The idea was to make the boyfriend drink a glass of water from the fountain, and they break it, so he would come back. Rome, in addition to its monuments, art and history is undoubtedly a place of great importance for its eno-gastronomy. Don’t miss it!

Standard category

1* and 2* hotels

These hotels offer private rooms with private bathrooms as well as other additional services that may vary depending on the type of category: restaurant service, television, room service, dry cleaning, ironing service, etc. It is common to stay in this type of hotels in the cities along the Camino.

Hostels and pensions

These accommodations have the necessary services to cover the basic needs of cleanliness and rest at a more moderate price than the hotels . Officially, hostels and guesthouses are 1-star accommodations. However, this rating should not be taken into account when evaluating the level of comfort and quality of their services.

Superior category

3*, 4* and 5* Hotels

Typical in the large cities along the El Camino. They can be family hotels or international hotel chains. They are perhaps the most expensive alternative, although you can find different price levels according to the category and services they offer.

Hoteles Boutique

These are small accommodations characterized by having few rooms and providing personalized attention. They are hotel concepts with a modern style and their own character. They can be between 1* and 5*.

National Paradores of Spain

This is a public hotel chain that manages a network of almost 100 charming hotels distributed throughout the Iberian Peninsula. The establishments are located in buildings of cultural interest and great historical value, and stand out for their scenic, artistic or natural interest (including ancient palaces, monasteries, fortresses, convents, fortresses…).

Rural tourism lodgings

Rural houses, pazos, inns, rectories, castles, monasteries, farmhouses… These are historic buildings of great architectural and patrimonial value. So much so, that this characteristic sometimes gives them the status of “luxury lodging” despite the fact that they are
“luxury accommodation” despite the fact that they are often rustic constructions in which natural stone and wood predominate.

Trip cancellation insurance
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Extra night at the beginning of the tour
Extra night at the end of the tour
Private transfer airport-starting location
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Organized visits and excursions
Pilgrim massage

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STAGES: 5 Stages
DURATION: 6 Nights
START: Viterbo
PRICE: desde 645€

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