Stage 70: Altopascio-San Miniato

Stage 70 of the Via Francigena takes pilgrims from Altopascio to San Miniato, offering a journey marked by Tuscan beauty. Walkers will enjoy rolling landscapes, olive groves and vineyards, experiencing the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of the region.

Towns through which the stage takes place

  • Altopascio: The stage begins in Altopascio, where pilgrims can explore the Spedale di San Jacopo, an ancient medieval hospital. The town also has charming squares and historic buildings.
  • Ponticelli: On the way to San Miniato, walkers can pass through Ponticelli, a small town characterized by its calm atmosphere and Tuscan landscapes.
  • San Miniato: The stage concludes in San Miniato, a jewel on top of a hill. Known for its rich history and panoramic views, San Miniato features an impressive cathedral and medieval fortress dominating the skyline.

Monuments to see along the route

  • Cathedral of San Jacopo (Altopascio): In addition to the Spedale di San Jacopo, Altopascio is home to the Cathedral of San Jacopo, which features unique architecture and a spiritual atmosphere.
  • San Miniato Cathedral: In San Miniato, the cathedral is a must-see. Located at the top of the hill, it offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape and houses works of sacred art.
  • San Miniato Fortress: The medieval fortress of San Miniato is a historical monument that represents the strategic importance of the city over the centuries.
  • Tower of Frederick II (San Miniato): Also in San Miniato, the Tower of Frederick II is a prominent landmark that provides spectacular views of the surrounding region.

Stage 70 provides pilgrims with an authentic experience of Tuscany, from the historical remains of Altopascio to the medieval majesty of San Miniato.

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