Via Francigena

Do you want to live a unique experience, meeting travellers from all over the world and discovering the historical journey that has led pilgrims to the Eternal City for centuries?

Via Francigena de Lucca a Siena
134 Km
6 Etapas
7 Noches
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Via Francigena de Viterbo a Roma
108 Km
5 Etapas
6 Noches
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Passing through the most beautiful towns and villages of Tuscany, you will get to know the culture, traditions and Italian eno-gastronomy that have made this land famous all over the world!

Choose between our 2 different routes of the Via Francigena and get ready for the most special journey of your life.
Perhaps not everyone knows that although Italy has a lot of history, it is actually a very young country, whose borders are very recent.

Via Francigena today

This route, which today passes through England, France, Switzerland and Italy, was recognized in 1994 by the Council of Europe as a “European Cultural Itinerary”. It has also been listed in the nine “Great European Cultural Itineraries” since 2004.

The distance of the Via Francigena reaches a total of 2040 km, due to the modifications of the original route (diverted in the current railroad tracks, motorway etc…).
The stages into which the Via Francigena can be divided are 86 and it would take 3 months to be completed.

The stages have an average of about 20 kilometres per day and can be travelled by bicycle or on foot. The route, which is signposted mainly thanks to volunteers, is not as well indicated as that of the Way of Saint James.

It can be identified with the image of a yellow pilgrim, carrying a bag and equipped with a cane. Everything on a yellow and white background, colours of the Papacy or the Vatican. Nonetheless, sometimes you can distinguish up to five different signs so you have to pay attention.
If the “Compostelana” is issued to pilgrims going to Santiago de Compostela as a certificate for having finished the Camino, a credential called “Testimonium” also issued on the Via Francigena with the same purpose (minimum requirement: 100 km on foot or 200 km by bicycle) is.

Despite the fact that many pilgrims today are still being driven to start the Via Francigena for the same religious reasons as pilgrims in the past, today their reasons are very varied.
Everyone is moved by their personal motivations, but undoubtedly anyone can enjoy the natural surroundings and the many historical monuments that are known around the world and most of which are classified as World Heritage Sites.

The Via Francigena has not only a past full of history and culture but also a beautiful present to discover.

All our tours include accommodations, luggage transfers from town to town, pilgrim passports, walking notes and 24/7 phone assistance. Our itineraries are completely flexible in terms of dates, length and services included. You just have to follow the signs and feel the Via Francigena. Discover your own way!

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