Stage 8: Vilagarcía de Arousa-Padrón

Stage 8 of the Route of Father Sarmiento takes pilgrims from the Atlantic coast to the historic town of Padrón. Throughout this day, walkers will experience a transition between the maritime charm and the historical richness of the Galician interior. The road winds through green and rural landscapes, offering a diverse perspective of the region.

Towns through which the stage takes place

  • Carril: Starting from Vilagarcía de Arousa, the route can take pilgrims through Carril again. This picturesque fishing village is known for its wine and seafood, and provides a charming setting to explore along the way.
  • Catoira: On the route to Padrón, walkers can pass through Catoira, famous for its West Towers, ancient defensive fortifications against Viking attacks. The towers are a reminder of the maritime history of Galicia.
  • Padrón: The stage culminates in Padrón, a town with a rich Jacobean tradition. Padrón is known for being the place where, according to legend, the ship that transported the body of Santiago the Greater was found. It is also famous for its padrón pepper, a delicious gastronomic specialty.

Monuments to see along the route

  • Western Towers (Catoira): These defensive towers, built to protect against Viking raids, are an impressive historical site. Pilgrims can explore these medieval structures before continuing on their way.
  • Church of Santiago (Padrón): Upon reaching Padrón, walkers can visit the Church of Santiago, where the remains of the apostle Santiago are said to have temporarily rested before being taken to Compostela. The church is a place of great religious and historical significance.
  • Medieval Bridge over the River Sar (Padrón): This old medieval bridge, also known as the Roman Bridge, is another highlight in Padrón. Crossing this river offers pilgrims an authentic and scenic experience.

The eighth stage combines rural beauty with Jacobean history, providing pilgrims with a varied and enriching experience on their way to Santiago de Compostela.

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Peregrino en un campo con flores

StagesPadre Sarmiento Way

Etapa 1

Pontevedra - Sanxenxo

25 km
6h 20m
Etapa 2

Sanxenxo-O Grove

20 km
Etapa 3

Circular stage in O Grove

29 km
Etapa 4

O Grove-Cambados

23 km
Etapa 5

Cambados-A Illa de Arousa

18 km
Etapa 6

A Illa de Arousa-Vilanova de Arousa

17 km
Etapa 8

Vilagarcía de Arousa-Padrón

26 km
Etapa 9

Padrón-Santiago de Compostela

23 km

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