Padre Sarmiento Way

Enter the O Salnés region to visit some of the most picturesque fishing villages in Galicia

The Father Sarmiento Route will take you to discover the Rías Baixas in its most whorish essence. An ideal experience to enjoy an alternative experience on the Camino de Santiago. Discover spectacular coastal landscapes, fine white sand beaches, enjoy the winery and vineyard areas in the heart of the Rías Baixas…

Ruta del Padre Sarmiento
185 Km
9 Stages
10 Nights
from 695 €
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Where to start Padre Sarmiento Way ?

185 Km 9 Etapas 10 Noches 2/5 Pontevedra

Pontevedra on the Route of the Father Sarmiento
The Bridge of El Burgo as it passes through Pontevedra.

The city of Pontevedra was founded, according to legend, by Teucro of Troy, although history says that its origin is actually due to a Neolithic lake settlement that had the River Lérez as a source of wealth and defence.

The strategic location of the River Lérez favoured its development over the centuries, which is why, during the Roman Empire, a population centre grew up around it. The Puente del Burgo bridge was also built, which allowed the river to be crossed by Via XIX that linked Braga with Astorga, of which sections of the road are still preserved and along which the Portuguese Way still runs today. During the Middle Ages and also nowadays, Pontevedra is considered an important city for the pilgrim community.

Route map Padre Sarmiento Way

Map of the Route of Father Sarmiento

Stages Padre Sarmiento Way

Stage 1
25 km
6h 20m
Stage 2
20 km
Stage 3
29 km
Stage 4
23 km
Stage 5
18 km
Stage 6
17 km
Stage 8
26 km
Stage 9
23 km

Difficulty level Padre Sarmiento Way

What to see and do in Padre Sarmiento Way?

The History of Padre Sarmiento Way

Who was Father Sarmiento?

Which one is the route of Father Sarmiento? Which is the relationship between the route of Father Sarmiento and the Camino de Santiago? Why is so important to the Galician culture? Which villages are crossed by the route of Father Sarmiento?

The Route of Father Sarmiento is getting popular between hikers and pilgrims. But, was Father Sarmiento a pilgrim? In fact, Father Sarmiento was a pilgrim who started the way to Santiago in the middle of 18th Century. Moreover, he was someone who did a valuable work for Galician culture.

Who was Father Sarmiento?

Father Sarmiento, also known as Fray Martin Sarmiento, was born in Bierzo region. Although he grew up in Pontevedra (Galicia), he lived at the Benedictine St. Martin Monastery in Madrid. Father Sarmiento studied arts, philosophy and theology, and was a professor in several monasteries during his entire life.
His love for Galicia encouraged him to make that walking trip. Thus, Father Sarmiento set out a journey towards Santiago, crossing many villages that mentioned in an important travel diary: Viaje a Galicia (1745).

This book shows the route that Father Sarmiento did, starting in Pontevedra on July 19th, 1745. The curiosity of Father Sarmiento let us know many of the places he visited and watched during his trip in Galicia.
Also, thanks to his fieldwork, many people may enjoy this route, while finding about his story, work and love for these northwest lands.

What villages cross the route of Father Sarmiento?

As I mentioned before, Father Sarmiento wrote his entire travel down. In fact, he did two trips in Galicia with similar purposes. The first one (that’s about you’re reading today) was in 1745. Later, he came back in 1754 in order to stay during more than one year. At this time, he wanted to find more about Galician villages, its harbors and local language.

During the first trip (Viaje a Galicia 1745), Father Sarmiento was researching about a botanical specimen in Galicia. Thus, this book represents an interesting heritage for Galician culture. The second trip (Viaje a Galicia 1754-1755), served to learn more about the villages and showed his passion for his own family’s land. However, Father Sarmiento focused on Pontevedra and the entire Atlantic coast to Ferrol on this second trip.

Well, as you know now more about Father Sarmiento’s trips to Galicia… would you like to know what’s the Father Sarmiento route to Santiago?

How Father Sarmiento did his Camino?

Father Sarmiento left Pontevedra on the 19th July in 1745, bordering the entire Salnes coast. Thus, he crossed Poio, Lourido, Campelo, Combarro, Chancelas, Samieira, Raxó, Armenteira, Dorrón, Bordóns and, finally, Sanxenxo. The following days Father Sarmiento continued towards O Grove, Cambados, Vilanova and Vilagarcía de Arousa, Pontecesures and Padrón, until reaching Santiago de Compostela.

Did you know that he mentioned all the route he followed along the coast? Moreover, Father Sarmiento showed us several beaches you may find in this historical route, such as Chancelas, Caneliñas, Silgar or Montalvo.

How is the Father Sarmiento route?

You can now enjoy this historical route after reading some information about Father Sarmiento’s trips to Galicia. So, from Pontevedra to Santiago de Compostela, you will walk along the entire Salnes coast, following the Father Sarmiento’s steps.
Father Sarmiento route is an easy itinerary, and the experience is worth it. Both the maritime landscape, and the numerous historic building, will complete such special holidays.

Furthermore, you may also have the opportunity to see the same places that Father Sarmiento visited in the past. From the ports, to the churches, the beaches and other beautiful places, it will allow you to experience a spiritual and emotional trip.
Which are the main places that Father Sarmiento route crosses?

First of all, you can complete Father Sarmiento route in 9 stages, or less if you don’t have enough time. The first one starts in Pontevedra and finishes in Sanxenxo. Have you ever heard about this land where you find such smooth sand and crystalline water beaches? Otherwise, this is the perfect time to enjoy a beautiful track with marine breeze.

Would you like to know more about the stages in Father Sarmiento route?

As we’ve just told you, Father Sarmiento route is divided in 9 days. Along this time, you will walk along Rías Baixas estuary, while you know the most popular places on this sand and beach land.

Tips if you are going to do Padre Sarmiento Way

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