Stage 4: Mesón do Vento-Sigüeiro

Stage 4 of the English Way, from Mesón do Vento to Sigüeiro, covers approximately 20 kilometers and takes pilgrims through a rural landscape and forested paths. This stage offers a gradual transition between rural Galicia and the surroundings of the city of Santiago de Compostela.

Towns through which the stage takes place

  • Mesón do Vento: Starting town that maintains rural serenity, marking the beginning of the stage.
  • Marantes: A small village that adds a bucolic touch to the route.
  • Sigüeiro: Final town of the stage, serving as a prelude to Santiago de Compostela, with its traditional streets and cozy atmosphere.

Monuments to see along the route

  • Church of Santa María de Vilanova in Mesón do Vento: A Romanesque temple that stands out for its simplicity and historical charm.
  • Church of Santiago de Marantes: A rural church with Romanesque elements, offering a cultural break along the way.
  • Medieval Bridge over the Tambre River: An ancient bridge that represents a historical and visual landmark as pilgrims approach Sigüeiro.

This stage, on the way to Santiago de Compostela, provides pilgrims with the opportunity to enjoy the transition between rural peace and anticipation of the sacred city, with stops in charming villages and the contemplation of historical monuments along of the route.

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Peregrino en un campo con flores

StagesEnglish Way

Etapa 1

Ferrol - Pontedeume

28 km
Etapa 2

Pontedeume - Betanzos

20 km
Etapa 3

Betanzos-Mesón do Vento

24 km
Etapa 4

Mesón do Vento-Sigüeiro

24 km
Etapa 5

Sigüeiro-Santiago de Compostela

16 km

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