Stage 1: Corrubedo-Aguiño

Stage 1 of the Camino de Santiago A Orixe, which stretches between Corrubedo and Aguiño, offers pilgrims a captivating experience over approximately 15 kilometres. Starting in Corrubedo, known for its stunning beach and the Corrubedo Lighthouse, walkers explore coastal paths that provide panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. As they progress, the trail winds through charming rural landscapes, small fishing villages and protected natural areas, such as the Corrubedo Dune Complex and lagoons of Carregal and Vixá. As well as views such as those offered by the Os Castelos viewpoint.

The stage culminates in Aguiño, where pilgrims can immerse themselves in the authenticity of this seaside town. With its picturesque port, fresh seafood restaurants and the iconic island of Sálvora on the horizon, Aguiño offers a well-deserved rest at the end of the day. This stage, marked by the combination of marine nature and local culture, sets the tone for a unique experience on the  A Orixe, inviting pilgrims to connect with the Galician essence from the very beginning of their journey.

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Peregrino en un campo con flores

StagesA Orixe

Etapa 1

Corrubedo - Aguiño

22 km
Etapa 2

Aguiño-A Pobra do Caramiñal

18 km
Etapa 3

A Pobra do Caramiñal-Abanqueiro

18 km
Etapa 4


17 km
Etapa 5


22 km
Etapa 6

Padrón-Santiago de Compostela

24 km

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