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Discover the origins of Galiwonders, a travel agency specialized in organizing walking & cycling tours on the Camino de Santiago & Galicia region.

Galiwonders: our story

A couple of years ago now, two young and intrepid guys decided to pack their stuff and leave their home town to travel the world.

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Destiny (and job opportunities, why not to say it) brought them to different countries, such as France, the United Kingdom, Canada and the US. Thanks to that, not only they got to learn new languages, but they also overcame the challenge of assimilating new cultures, working on multinational environments and living many adventures far away from home.

But as the years went by, these young guys (not so young any more), realized how much they were missing Galicia, and the need to tell the world all the virtues of this beautiful region.

They thought: if some of the towns we´ve visited in our trips are so popular for tourists all around the world, we must do something to get people to know small wonders as Combarro, Allariz or Finisterre, for instance.

Moreover, they insisted in getting the world to know that Spain is much more than sun and beach, that there are so many hidden jewels when you look beyond stereotypes.

This way, Galiwonders was born: a place designed to show our favorite parts of Galicia, to create unforgettable experiences for all travelers interested in our culture, gastronomy, landscapes and traditions.

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Very few regions in the world can offer as much diversity as Galicia does, we can start mentioning the Camino, a unique experience that attracts many Pilgrims that, every year, take on the challenge inspired by different motivations. It is a lifetime journey that leaves a feeling of accomplishment that can not be compared to any other trip. But it is useless trying to describe such feeling o these lines, because the Camino needs to be lived.

But there is much more than the Camino in Galicia, you will be able to find steep cliffs and wild waves in the Costa da Morte (Coast of Death), sun and white sand beaches in the Rias Baixas, wines and incredible natural landscapes in the Ribeira Sacra; comfort and well-being in the thermal spring waters in Ourense or la Toxa island; history and culture in lovely towns such as Santiago, Pontevedra, Lugo, A Coruña and of course we are very proud of our gastronomy, which should be considered art.

Just as the Argentinian writer, Roberto Arlt, said: Galicia touches you as tenderly tears do. Its landscape is so pure, that your heart will be in peace. Its mountain is not brutal, but idyllic. And I know how human beings that were born in the mountain love the mountain. It is the love of their lives!


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