Weather on the Camino de Santiago

What should you expect from the weather on the Camino de Santiago? 

Many different paths lead to Santiago de Compostela, passing through different regions, towns… depending on which one you choose, and when you decide to walk it, the landscape, the weather, and even the food, can be very different!

Most of the Spanish pilgrims enjoy their holidays during the month of August. That is why, this month tends to be the one with the greatest wave of national pilgrims, school groups… September is also a popular month, more for international walkers, who tend to prefer softer months in terms of temperature to enjoy the walk.

Considering that the Camino de Santiago can be quite a long journey depending on where you decided to start, there are several considerations to take into account in terms of weather.

What is the weather like on the Camino de Santiago?weather camino de santiago

The French Way

Statistically we can see that in summer and autumn there will be less possibilities of rain, taking into account that at any moment we will be able to encounter a summer storm. In spring there is a great possibility of encountering rain every day. The temperature will vary depending on the season in which we decide to walk, since it can go from 40° in summer to 0° in winter. The most recommended months if you want to avoid the rain, and enjoy soft temperatures, are May, June or September.

The Northern Way

Being closer to the coast, this road allows pleasant and fresh climates. In spring and autumn rain is inevitable. It is considered a fairly thin rain but it can become your worst enemy. As for the temperature we can find it between 25° – 30° in Summer Season and between 7° – 14° in winter, which is why the ideal months for this road are June and July with less probabilities of rain.

weather on the Camino de SantiagoThe Original Way

It is one of the most mountainous and that is why it gives specific characteristics in its climate as it becomes rough and more if you want to do it in winter, so rain will be guaranteed in the spring season and autumn, while hot during summers.

Baztan Way

If you like the rain and colder temperatures, this road is for you, in it we can find heavy rains all year.

What is the weather like in the city of Santiago de Compostela?

Being located geographically to 260 meters of the level of the sea, it presents an oceanic climate with flexible temperatures throughout the year. These temperatures can be around 15° in winter, and from 18º to 26° in summer. The rains in Santiago de Compostela are abundant throughout the year but are concentrated mostly in the winter season.

Are you planning to walk a different route and you would like more information about the weather? Contact us, and a member of the team will get back to you with some useful information.

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      It depends on the period of the year. We usually recommend the months from April to October (avoiding July & August because of the high temperatures). ¡Buen Camino!

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