The Portuguese Camino is a safer route

Some stretches of the Portuguese Camino have been diverted

Pilgrims walking the Portuguese Camino will be a on a safer route from now on. Why? The stretch from A Picaraña to O Faramello used to be through the shoulder of the National Road (N-550). Now, it has been diverted and passes through a pine forest, which makes the route nicer in terms of scenery and, of course, safer.

Where is this diversion?

Camino de santiago tours galiwondersThis small change, that affects 1 km. of the Camino walk, has already been signposted with the traditional milestones. After leaving behind the industrial Estate of A Picaraña, pilgrims will have to turn left (rather than continuing all straight through the National Road N-550). The path turns left to get into a forest trail. Then, it will continue through a pine forest, between O Sisto and Anguiera de Castro. Finally, a stone-made path will take pilgrims to the entrance of the Pazo de Faramello, in Rois.

This way, pilgrims will hear, in distance, the noise of the National Road, while feeling the peace and quietness of nature. Always surrounded by pines, oaks, and some eucalyptus. And, in case you are wondering, this section has a lot of indications, there’s no way to get lost.


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    Why was the path diverted?

    Portuese Way Camino de Santiago galiwonders

    For many years, the residents of Angueira de Castro (in Rois) were requesting the local authorities, to divert the Camino de Santiago path through this area. They claimed that path was much safer through this area and, clearly they are right. In fact, this initiative was also supported by the Galicia Association of Friends of the Camino de Santiago. Now, they are happy to know that the Public Administration has listened to their proposal. As they say, “the Camino is much more enjoyable”.

    Moreover, there are other sections along the Portuguese Camino, in the process of being diverted. For example, the one around the Hotel Scala (on the way out of Padrón).

    Alternatives to walk the Portuguese Camino

    If you are thinking about walking the Portuguese Camino, please below some of the tour options:

    The Portuguese Camino from Tui

    Tui is one of the most popular starting points of the Camino de Santiago. The walk from there to Santiago de Compostela usually takes 6 days. But if you feel distances are too long, why not splitting some of the walking days in two? This way, you will get to your destination in 10 days, approx.

    The Portuguese Coastal Camino from Baiona

    Portuguese Camino GaliwondersBaiona is becoming more and more popular as a starting point of the Camino de Santiago. No wonder why: this coastal town hosts amazing views, hidden corners, culture and history.

    It is an alternative path to the traditional Portuguese Way, but both of them join together from Redondela onwards.

    The Spiritual Variant of the Portuguese Camino

    The Spiritual Variant of the Portuguese Way only affects the section from Pontevedra to Padrón. Traditionally, the path after Pontevedra, passes through Barro, Caldas de Reis, and finally Padrón. In this case, the route from Pontevedra follows an alternative path: Armenteira, Vilanova, and finally Padrón. What makes this route different? The “Traslatio”. The day from Vilanova to Padrón can be done by foot or… by boat! This boat trip emulates the arrival of the remains of St James the Apostle into Galicia region. If you are thinking about walking any of these routes of the Portuguese Camino, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will get back to you with a tailor-made itinerary.

    ¡Buen Camino!

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