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At Galiwonders we believe that the Way to Santiago is an experience for all walkers and that is why we have studied a French Luxury Way option for those pilgrims who do not want to give up their comfort. If you choose this travel alternative, you can sleep in the best Pazos, 4* and 5* hotels, Paradores  and dine in fine restaurants. Enjoy all the comfort along the Way!

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The French Luxury Route from Sarria to Santiago

1st Stage: Sarria

To start this walk in style, we start from the first city of the last 100 km on the French Way Lux: Sarria. Here you can arrive independently or we can help you by organizing a private transfer from the airport or city of arrival, to the hotel. Once you have checked in and left your luggage at the hotel, we suggest you take a tour of the historic center, to understand the importance that the Way has for this place and its inhabitants. You will certainly meet other pilgrims and this could be a good opportunity to start getting to know other intrepid travelers who, like you, are on their way to Santiago de Compostela.

This city in the province of Lugo, is easy to visit. Sarria is very welcoming and pilgrims are treated with great welcome and respect by the locals. The spirit of the Way can be breathed everywhere, stores for the pilgrim, taverns, bars, hotels, guesthouses. Almost everything revolves around the Way of Santiago. We recommend you to visit the Church of Santa Mariña, the Church of San Salvador, but above all, to recharge your batteries with a good local dish before you start your journey.

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Tonight you will stay in a 4 star hotel where you will be served a delicious dinner. Here, you can rest in a spacious and elegant room and you will be welcomed by the hotel staff with the utmost attention and friendliness. A perfect place to start your adventure to Santiago!

2nd Stage: Sarria- Portomarín (22 km)

Today begins your Way! On the route from Sarria to Portomarín you will get to know small rural villages, Romanesque chapels and quiet and relaxing paths. 
At the end of this first stage you will see the Belesar Dam, which was built in 1962 and after the bridge you will arrive at the beautiful medieval village of Portomarín. Here, we recommend that you wander through the narrow streets of the center and visit the Church of St. Nicholas. To learn more about the history of this village and other magical places on the French Route, do not miss this article.


Azul Blanco Mapa Avión Despedida Postal 13 min


After this long stage, you definitely deserve to rest and recover your strength with a typical Galician dish. This is the time to relax and enjoy the spectacular view that Portomarín offers. Today, you will sleep and dine in a wonderful Pazo. This historical residence, of great beauty, will make you relive the past without giving up modern conveniences.

3rd Stage: Portomarín- Palas de Rei (23 km)

Ready for another day of walking? Today you will head to Palas de Rei, another emblematic place of the way. To reach it, you will pass through a pine forest and the path will take you through many small villages. It is worth mentioning the Church of Santa María de Castromaior, in Romanesque style. After reaching this elevated place, you will start a descent to Palas de Rei, where you can relax and spend the night in an old 17th century parish house, which was also used as a hospital.

This historical place, after the fire of 1987, to which only the stone walls survived, was recovered in the 21st century. The objective of the reconstruction work was to keep the original magic and style as intact as possible, while adding all the comforts of today. At the end of today’s journey you will find a spectacular place to relax. This dream site is surrounded by nature and it maintains a strong continuity with the tradition of this area. You will love it!


Azul Blanco Mapa Avión Despedida Postal 14 min

4th Stage: Palas de Rei- Arzúa (28 km)

Remember that this stage, as well as all the previous and following ones, can be divided in two to offer you a more relaxed and less demanding journey. If you are interested in this option we recommend you to discover the French Easy Way. If you prefer to complete this stage of 28 km, you will walk along rural paths, crossing characteristic medieval bridges. Moreover, you will be able to taste the famous “á feira” pulpo in Melide. Among the main points of interest, you will find the medieval village of Ribadiso before reaching Arzúa, one of pilgrims’ favorite stops. Once in Arzúa, we recommend you to taste its famous cheese.

Here you will spend the night in a beautiful Boutique Hotel and you’ll enjoy a great dinner in its restaurant. This recently restored building, offers a unique and accurate style. The rooms, as well as the exterior spaces, have been taken care of in every detail. In this enchanting place, you can finally relax with a coctel and rethink your day and the emotions experienced along the way.


Azul Blanco Mapa Avión Despedida Postal 16 min

5th Stage: Arzúa- Pedrouzo (19 km)

Today’s stage will be less intense than the previous one but equally enjoyable. On your way, you will pass through eucalyptus and oak forests and discover small villages. A relaxing walk is waiting for you. The route will allow you to immerse yourself in the rural nature before your final stage. Today you will spend the night in a rural house, a real guardian of an interesting past and with a great history. Immerse yourself in the unspoiled nature of the area and enjoy a well-deserved rest along the river.

6th stage: Pedrouzo- Santiago de Compostela (18 km)

Last day of walking and end of this incredible adventure! We hope you enjoyed the experience and to finish big, we left the best for the end. From the top of Monte do Gozo you can see Santiago de Compostela in the background, the final location of your journey.


Azul Blanco Mapa Avión Despedida Postal 15 min


Today you will not only arrive at your destination, you will also be able to enter the Cathedral and visit the historic center of the city. Moreover, you will find the best accommodation on the entire walk, the Parador de los Reyes Católicos, right in Obradorio Square. This incredible place is so spectacular that it cannot be described by simple words. We are sure that the majesty of this structure, will offer you the perfect ending to your trip!

As an extra detail, to thank you for choosing Galiwonders and relying on our services, we offer you a free pilgrim massage in the Quintana Square. Contact us for any doubt about this or other caminos, we will be happy to help you live the best experience!


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