The English Way: New Camino Path from Presedo to Hospital de Bruma

If you are planning to walk the English Way, keep reading

The path from Betanzos to Mesón do Vento, on the English Way, has experienced some changes. Particularly, the stretch from Presedo to Hospital de Bruma. Even if there are indications along the way, if you are planning to walk this route, you may find this information useful. 

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Once we leave Presedo we continue our route to the Church of Santaia Leiro. At this point we divert our route from the old way: we must turn right at the junction that we will find just after the church.

Around 200 metres afterwards, we will reach the road DP-0105 again. At this point we must turn left and continue 280 meters on this road. This stretch of 280m is rather flat and passes through some houses and wood factory.

We must turn right into a path just before getting to a downhill of DP-0105. At this point we will start the rise towards the Beche reservoir.

We will walk up along this path 2.5 Km until we reach the water reservoir. From this point the path becomes flat and straight and passes through some caravans and houses. The path becomes a paved road.

We go on until we find straight ahead a road which is not painted and we turn left. 250m after that we will pass under the motorway and we we will go straight towards a village called Vao .

English way walk Galiwonders

When we reach the end of the village we will begin another climb along a path which is on our right. We will pass along some big cow ranches in the middle of this rise and almost at the end we will pass though beautiful meadows.

The climb ends when we arrive at the split with the branch of the English Way which comes from A Coruña, on AC-542 road. We will turn left and continue along AC-542 though the area of “As Travesas”. We will see a big electrical substation on our left.

After going through the Carral Hormigón (Concrete) company, some industrial units and a petrol station, we will turn left onto a new path leaving the AC_542 road behind. We will continue along this road until we arrive to Hospital de Bruma.

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