The digital pilgrim’s passport

Technology is also making its way along the Camino de Santiago, thanks to the Digital Pilgrim’s Credential that will be active from January 2021, that is, at the beginning of the next Holy Year. This system is based on a very simple application that will allow you to obtain the stamps along the route in an easier and safer way. In fact, this new technology will reduce the contact between pilgrims and hotels’ staff, in a moment when this distance is essential. Let’s see how this Digital Credential works.

How does the Digital Credential work? 

The application is very simple to use. Once you have registered on this page, you will obtain a QR code. This code will be used to log in to the application, which you will have to download to your mobile. Therefore, you will be able to start using this application.

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The aim of this application is to allow you to scan the QR codes of the establishments that have registered on the platform. These will replace the manual stamps that until now had to be put on our paper credentials. They will actually have the same value than the normal stamps and they guarantee you the Compostela at the end of your route in Santiago de Compostela.

As before, you will need to get two stamps each day. These stamps (QR codes) will be available at various points along the way, as well as in your accommodation. The traditional paper credential will still be used but this is, with no doubt, a good alternative to add new preventive measures against potential risk of contagion.

What can I use the Digital Pilgrim’s Credential for?

Besides having an accurate record of the stamps obtained along your Xacobean route, this application allows you to connect in a more dynamic way with all the other users.

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  • Through the application you will be able to identify yourself as a pilgrim more quickly along your route and enjoy eventual benefits.
  • The QR code that you will obtain when you register, can also be scanned by the other pilgrims. In this way you can share your data and social networks with the new friends you’ll meet along the way and become part of a new community.
  • Thanks to the geolocation system, you will be able to connect with the accommodations registered on this platform, even at the end of your trip.
  • The application will also work as an audio guide on the Camino. Along your route you will be informed about the history and traditions of the places you will cross. A real help not to miss any interesting places.

What is the objective of the digitalization of the Way?

As we have already seen, the Pilgrim’s Office in Santiago de Compostela has also begun to use a digital system to shorten the long queues of pilgrims waiting for their Compostela. When arriving at the Pilgrim’s Office, in fact, a QR code is obtained. This code allows you to know the approximate time in which the Certificate of the Compostela can be collected, verifying in real time the status of the queue.


the digital pilgrim's credential


Both this innovation, and the Digital Credential, aim to reduce queues and long waits, speeding up procedures that can be automated. This will offer a more pleasant experience to the pilgrims, who will not have to waste valuable time. It will also allow a greater social distance, that is, more health security, a priority for the institutions of the Way, especially after the crisis caused by the COVID-19.

In addition, it seeks to enable pilgrims to interconnect with each other. Also, this new technology will create a stronger connexion with the establishments that pilgrims find on the way, creating greater trust and unity.

From Galiwonders, we want to remind you that next year will be the Holy Year of St. James and that there will be many pilgrims who will want to participate in this unique event. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this wonderful community and ask us for your tailor-made itinerary. Buen Camino with Galiwonders, your local agency of the Way!


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