Getting ready for the Camino de Santiago: 5 tips

You have been thinking about doing the Camino de Santiago for a while now. You have read all the existing blogs, watched all documentaries and video-experiences on Youtube and, of course, the movie “The Way”.

And you are finally decided, you have your travel dates, your preferred route, and your are starting to be mentally ready for the adventure. Once the decision is taken, there are a couple of things to have into account before facing the challenge. 

Today, at Galiwonders, we want to bring 5 recommendations, so you can fully enjoy your Camino de Santiago:

A bit of training

Camino de Santiago recommendations Galiwonders

A minimum level of fitness will be required, at least to be able to face long walking days and, sometimes, bad weather conditions. We are not talking about a challenge just for professionals (the Camino de Santiago is a “popular” route), but it is always a good thing to train a bit to get ready (specially those who are not used to practice any sports). 

Do not wear your walking shoes for the first time

It is essential to wear comfortable shoes, as your feet will be the leaders of the trip. Usually, it takes a while to adapt brand new shoes to our feet, that’s why we recommend to bring a pair of shoes/boots that you have used a couple of times before.

Weight of your backpack

As we always say, it is really important to be comfortable for the walk, and a heCamino de Santiago Tour Galiwondersavy backpack can be a huge problem. Bringing overweight on it can be the cause of a backache and it can make our Camino de Santiago unnecessarily harder. You can just bring the basic staff, you will only need enough things to walk after all.

Bring some snacks

Being hydrated is really important, to avoid heat strokes and to help your body to be in good conditions for the walk. You may hear the Spanish word “pájara” on the way (which means something like “collapsing”); bring some snacks with you to avoid it!

Camino de Santiago Galiwonders

Don’t forget your raincoat

Weather conditions in Galicia region (Northern Spain) can be quite unstable, that’s why a raincoat is a must. This garment is really light and it won’t take up a lot of space on your backpack.

We hope these recommendations will help youto prepare your adventure on the Camino de Santiago. If you have any other questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us here. A member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Buen Camino!

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