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Every year thousands of pilgrims reach Santiago de Compostela after walking the Camino. What are their reasons to take on this adventure?

There are as many definitions as travelers on the Camino de Santiago; however we can say that it is the journey made by the pilgrims and tourists who walk to Santiago de Compostela, to appreciate the tomb of the Apostle Santiago, for religious or spiritual reasons, to enjoy nature, etc. It was in the 9th century when it started to be considered as one of the most important pilgrimage routes in Europe.

What makes the Camino de Santiago so special?

Camino de Santiago walk Galiwonders1) Visiting the tomb of the apostle Santiago is the main reason why Catholics take on this journey.

2) Pilgrims will walk a path which will lead them to the deepest roots in history. Those who walk the Camino de Santiago, will finish it with a renewed spirit. Each walking day can take from 4 to 9 hours a day, mostly in silence. This will make you get closer to yourself, away from daily life and the routine of the city.

3) It generates a jumble in the religious area and the sporting challenge that will make you penetrate your body and mind as you will be able to encounter external obstacles as internal.

4) It allows you to travel in time as you can find Romanesque styles, knights and Benedictine monks.

5) You can do this route by foot, by bicycle or by horse.

6) The beautiful landscapes that you can find on this road.

7) Improve your physical fitness by traveling 20 to 25km a day. This will come in very well in your physical condition.

8) To be able to get your Compostela (Pilgrim Certificate). Being able to prove that you walked the last 100 km of the Camino before arriving to Santiago (which means, for Catholics, to spend half the time in purgatory). In addition to this, you will be granted a credential that has an inscription in Latin and in the credential you will get stamps from each place visited along the way.

What do you haCamino de Santiago walk Galiwondersve to take into account to walk the Camino de Santiago?

1) It is not a race, so enjoy the scenery and find yourself.

2) How to make the journey: on foot, by bicycle or on horseback?

3) Which path are you going to take, the best known are: the French Way, the Portuguese Way, the Primitivo Way (Original Way), the English Way and the Vi­a de la Plata.

4) Your physical condition and age (if your don’t have a reasonable level of fitness, you should avoid walking long stretches in a single day as this will cause blisters or tendon aches, among others).

5) The time you have will be an important factor taking into account that each stage should last around a day.

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