Meals on the Camino de Santiago

Meals on the Camino de Santiago Galiwonders

What sort of breakfasts will I find on the Camino? Will it be enough for the walk? What about lunch? What is the “Pilgrim Menu”?

These are the typical questions we receive from Pilgrims from all over the world regarding meals on the Camino de Santiago. And of course, they can only be answered with our favorite expression: it depends. 

We will try to clear up a little bit your mind with these brief guide about meals on the Camino:

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Breakfast is usually the most controversial meal of the Camino, as in Spain it is not so common to find cooked food as it is in other places such as Ireland, the UK or the US for example. Pilgrims from these countries, where breakfast is usually more abundant, can consider it a bit limited sometimes.

The most usual breakfast in Spain is the Continental, and it usually includes coffee, juice and pastries or toasts. You will also find the “reforzado” on the Camino (which literally means “reinforced”), and that’s basically the Continental with a couple of extras, such as ham, cheese and yogurt for example. That’s the one we typically book for our Pilgrims, as we understand a good breakfast will be needed to be ready for a long walking day.

The third option, is the buffet-style, with many different options to choose from: coffee, chocolate, tea, cereals, biscuits, cold meats, etc.

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If you are staying on an Albergue, breakfast will not be included as a standard. Usually Pilgrims bring their own stuff and cook it in the common kitchens.


If you are doing any of the most walked routes (such as the French Way or the Portuguese Way) you will have no problem to find places on the way to have lunch. There are many restaurants and small supermarkets on route, and picnic areas if you want to buy some food before you leave each morning.

For those who decide to do any of the less walked routes (such as the Camino Primitivo or the Vía de la Plata for example), it could be a problem to find a restaurant some of the days, so we would recommend to buy something in the morning or the day before at the supermarket, or getting a lunch box at your accommodation (which typically includes a sandwich, some snacks, water and yogurt).

Meals on the Camino de Santiago


Dinner is usually the most enjoyable meal of the day on the Camino, as it is the moment to enjoy really good food, relax, and share all the experiences of the day with other fellow Pilgrims.

In many places, you will see the “Menú del Peregrino” (Pilgrim’s set menu) which usually includes a starter, the main course and dessert. You will typically have three or more options to choose from (there’s usually a vegetarian option, but in case there isn’t or if you have any food intolerance, do not hesitate to check with them, they will be able to offer you alternatives).

We hope you found this article useful and that you enjoy, as much as we do, all the gastronomy along the Camino de Santiago.

For more information about our tours on the Camino de Santiago, please do not hesitate to check here.

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