Hidden secrets in the Rí­as Baixas

Discover hidden secrets in the Rías Baixas

The Rías Baixas (Low Estuaries) harbor many secret wonders on its waters, even for us (and we have been spending the summer in lovely coastal towns like O Grove, Cambados, Villagarcía for many years!).

Fortunately, we are starting to have more and more alternatives of sustainable tourism in Galicia, that allow not only travelers but also the locals, to discover a particular side of the region, learn, and enjoy wonderful escapes. Thanks to Gabriel, from Amare Turismo Náutico, now it is much easier to discover these secrets in the heart of the Rías Baixas.

Here you have a selection:

  • Areoso Islet

    We are sure very few Galicians know that we have a small piece of the Caribbean in Rías Baixas. This small islet, made of white sand and surrounded by turquoise water is the best place to spend a perfect summer day.

  • Ría Islet

    This is a very special island in the very heart of the Rí­a de Arousa, made by big stones. It is very common to see this islet in the middle of the sea from the beaches of San Vicente, Ribeira but being able to contemplate the views from the other side, and from its lighthouse it´s just spectacular!

  • The ”bateas”

    The ”bateas” are floating structures made of wood, used to mussel farming (and other mollusks). There are thousands of them all along the coast of Galicia, but the majority of them are in the Rí­a de Arousa. The mussel species of this region is the only one with a Protected Denomination of Origin.

  • The ”trueleiros”

    The word ”trueleiro” comes from ”truel”, which is the tool used to catch the prawns (it is a long stick with a net in one side). It is very common to see the trueleiros doing its job from the bateas. Equilibrium is a fundamental aspect of this occupation.

  • Sálvora Island

    We all know that the most popular islands of the Galician Atlantic Islands Martime-Terrestial National Park are the Cíes Islands. However, Sálvora Island has nothing to envy. Here, you will be able to see sauvage horses and deers, the lighthouse, the forest, the castle and also the small islets that sorrund Sálvora (Noro, Vionta, Gaboteira).

  • Punta Cabalo Lighthouse:

    Without a doubt, this is an extraordinary place to contemplate the bateas and the coastal towns on the other side of the estuary, such as Pobra do Caramiñal, Ribeira there is a lovely restaurant there where you will enjoy the views. It won´t be easy to forget!

  • The ”arroaces”:

    The arroaz is the most popular dolphin species in Galicia. They are really sociable, and they don´t mind getting inside the estuary, and even approaching the boats. If you are lucky enough to see them, you will take home some lovely pictures to remember!

  • Lovely fishin villages around the estuary

    There are plenty of towns and villages worth a visit on the portion of land that sorrounds the Rí­a de Arousa. O Grove in one side, the Barbanza region on the other side, Boiro, Rianxo, Carril, Villagarcía and of course Arousa Island! All of them have something special, its own history, culture and traditions.

  • Isla de Arousa

    We can´t finish this list without mentioning Arousa Island (a Illa de Aousa in Galician). From its port (Porto do Xufre), you will be able to take the boat and discover all these magic places.
    It is an island with a very particular way of live, linked to the work on the say. In a Illa de Arousa, in the morning people go to the sea, and in the afternoon they just rest“ says Gabriel.

    For more information about the Rías Baixas, please check here and here.

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