Halloween on the Camino de Santiago

Have you thought about walking the Camino de Santiago in Halloween?

Last year the Galiwonders Team walked the last 100 km of the French Way (from Sarria to Santiago) to commemorate Halloween and the end of the season 2016. We were carrying with us small pumpkins, that we were putting on the top of the milestones on the way:

Halloween Camino de Santiago Galiwonders

We had a wonderful experience on the way, we meet many other fellow pilgrims from all over the world, and accommodations were amazing. That is why we would like to highlight 5 facts about this trip, that could be of interest to other pilgrims planning to walk the Camino in Halloween.

Halloween on the Camino – 5 facts


The most popular months to walk the Camino de Santiago are those comprised from April to September, because of weather conditions. But, from our own experience, we should also consider the end of October and beginning of November. These months should be taken into consideration, as temperatures are great for walking and the landscape in autumn in Galicia region is just beautiful. An spectacle of ochre, green, beige and brown colors that you will never forget.


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    -Number of pilgrims

    If you are looking for a sociable experience on the Camino de Santiago, November is still a great month to meet other pilgrims on the way. During our walk, we meet people from all over the world. From pilgrims that had started their adventure one month before us, in St-Jean-Pied-de-Port, groups, couples… and there was also time for solitude and reflection.

    -Facilities on the wayHalloween Camino de Santiago Galiwonders

    Almost all facilities along the way are still open in November. From rest areas, restaurants, bars… you will be able to stop, get a coffee, and collect as many stamps as you want. Just please bear in mind that the 1st of November is a National Bank Holiday in Spain, for these reason some business could be closed (not hospitality business but clothing shops, banks, etc.).


    Many pilgrims contact us asking if it is possible to walk the Camino de Santiago in November, if accommodations will be open. It is commonly believed that accommodations close their doors after the season, in October. And the answer is that you will have no problem at all in finding accommodation on the French Way during autumn or winter months. Yes, some hotels close for a couple of weeks, but there are many alternatives on the way.

    -Halloween in Galicia

    Did you know that the word “Halloween” comes from “Samhain”? This a Celtic word, that refers to the most important festivity until Europe was converted to Christianity. Galicia 

    Queimada Galicia Gastronomia Galiwonders
    Foto de Dani Vázquez

    region (same as Ireland or Scotland) has Celtic origins, and our culture has a strong presence of witches (meigas), druids, etc. See here for more information about Galicia, Meigas & Magic.

    Despite of our Celtic culture, Halloween is not a massive festival in Spain. Nowadays, young people is starting to celebrate it more a more, mainly because of the American influence.

    Have you spent Halloween on the Camino de Santiago? Do not hesitate to share your experience on the comments section! If you have any questions at all, click here to contact us.

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