Let’s talk about Easter on the Camino de Santiago

We have many reasons to believe that there is nothing like Easter on the Camino de Santiago, but there are others that may not be so encouraging

A lot of questions arise when planning an adventure like the Camino de Santiago, and among them there is always the one related to the period of the year. When is the best time to walk the Camino? This is a questions with many different answers, depending on the motivations and preferences of each pilgrim.

Now that the Holy Week is approaching, and to clear up some doubts, we will talk about Easter on the Camino de Santiago, about the advantages and disadvantages of walking during this period of the year.

Easter on the Camino de Santiago: Advantages

Easter on the Camino de Santiago

Special Events: the Holy Week is a very special period in Spain, particularly in some specific regions. That is the case of Ferrol, starting point of the English Way, and the city where we can see the most renowned religious processions of Galicia.

We will also be able to enjoy Easter in other spots along the different routes, such as Tui, Sarria or Santiago de Compostela. There will be liturgical ceremonies and musical events.

And of course, we don’t need to talk about the Holy Week of Seville, starting point of the Ví­a de la Plata, as it is renowned worldwide.

-More social Camino: in Spain, students enjoy at least one week of holidays in Easter, and most of the companies close down on Holy Thursday and Friday. This means that many national pilgrims use these days off to travel. The Camino starts to be full of “life” again, after winter, and the Holy Week is considered to be the beginning of the new season.

If you are an international pilgrim, looking to meet Spanish walkers on the Camino, Easter is the perfect time to do so.

-Spring-like landscapes: the dates of the Holy Week can vary every year depending on the Christian calendar, but it tends to mark the beginning of the Spring. The landscape covered with flowers will accompany us on our way to Santiago de Compostela.

Easter on the Camino de Santiago: Disadvantages

-WeathEaster on the Camino de Santiago Galiwonderser: many pilgrims (particularly the Spanish ones) tend to walk in July and August, to have better chances of good weather on the way. It depends on the period of the year, but if Easter is too early (March for example) the rain could be our “travel companion”.

-Difficulties when looking for accommodation: if we put “holidays” and “good weather forecast” in the same equation, the result will be loads of national pilgrims looking to walk the Camino. This could mean problems when looking for accommodation.

For those who are sure about walking the Camino in Easter, we would recommend you to book as soon as possible to avoid last minute surprises.

-Higher prices: considering the large number of tourists that come to Spain during the Holy Week, hotels use to increase their prices compared to the rest of the year, as it is considered to be high season. Easter is a really nice period, with a lot of life and activities going on, but you’ll need to get your wallet ready!

What about you, which is your favorite period of the year to walk the Camino de Santiago? Have you ever walked it in Easter?

For more information about the Camino de Santiago, do not hesitate to contact us here.

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