Doing the Camino de Santiago in June

June marks the beginning of summer on the Camino de Santiago, filling it with energy and making it come alive in a special way, inviting pilgrims to begin their adventure on the Camino.

Why do the Camino de Santiago in June?

The month of June offers pilgrims an exceptional experience. Nature reaches its fullness dressing the fields with flowers and perfuming the air with fresh and revitalizing fragrances. The landscapes, companions of the Camino, acquire a unique beauty, creating an unforgettable setting for those who undertake this journey, allowing them to experience a deep connection with the environment that surrounds them.

The days of June bring with them more daylight hours, allowing you more time to walk, explore and enjoy the Camino without worrying about it getting dark earlier. The weather conditions this month provide the perfect combination of sunny days and cool nights, creating the ideal environment for walking the Camino. The sunny days will allow you to experience a comforting and revitalising feeling as you go. On the other hand, the cool nights offer a refreshing rest that will allow you to face each new day with energy.

Peregrinos en el Camino de Santiago en junio

Advantages of doing the Camino de Santiago in June

Services at full capacity

June marks the beginning of the high season on the Camino de Santiago, so there will be a greater availability of services along the route. You will find restaurants where you can taste typical dishes from the different regions of the Camino, such as the Galician stew of Lalín on the Winter Way; and the cheese of Arzúa – Ulloa or the famous octopus of Melide at the junction of the French Way and the Primitive Way.

You will also find shops where you can buy souvenirs of your experience, such as the symbolic scallop shell, local craft products or books about the Camino de Santiago.


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    Lighter luggage

    In this month, temperatures are higher than in other seasons, so you will be able to wear lighter clothes. This means that your backpack will weigh less and you will be able to walk more comfortably.

    If you want to live this experience without worries and fully enjoy the Camino, remember that we offer a luggage transfer service between stages.

    Inconveniences of doing the Camino de Santiago in June

    Increased influx of pilgrims

    June is one of the most popular months to do the Camino, so you will find a greater number of pilgrims sharing the route with you, especially on the most popular routes.

    Reduced availability of accommodation

    Although in summer all accommodation is at full capacity, occupancy is higher due to the increase in pilgrims. For this reason, we recommend that you book your accommodation in advance when planning your Camino.

    Higher prices

    With the increased demand, some services along the Camino may increase in price in June. Accommodation and restaurants can be more expensive compared to the off-season months.

    What route of the Camino to do in June?

    Choosing the right Camino de Santiago route can make all the difference to your experience. These are the most recommended routes to undertake during this month.


    Northern Way

    If you are looking for an unforgettable experience, the Camino del Norte is the perfect choice for you. This route will allow you to get to know the northern coast of Spain through its stunning views of the Cantabrian Sea and its charming coastal towns.

    Portuguese Coastal Way

    This route follows the Atlantic coastline, where you will walk between cliffs, mountains and estuaries, while savouring the freshness of the sea along the Way. In the month of June, this choice becomes even more attractive for its favourable weather conditions and the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the coast to the full.

    Primitive Way

    Recognised as the first Jacobean route, the Primitive Way is an ideal route to follow in June. It is an uncrowded route that will allow you to enjoy the authenticity of Asturias through its green landscapes and rich culture until your arrival in Santiago de Compostela.

    What to take on the Camino de Santiago in June?

    In June, temperatures are warmer and the likelihood of rain is lower than at other times of the year. Before starting this journey, it will be essential to properly prepare your luggage to ensure a comfortable and safe experience.

    • Lightweight, breathable clothing. Opt for T-shirts and shorts for daytime wear. The warm weather makes these clothes ideal for comfortable walking. Evenings can be cool so we recommend bringing a light jacket or jumper to keep you warm when temperatures drop.
    • Comfortable, sturdy footwear. A good pair of waterproof hiking boots is essential. You’ll also need woollen or thermal socks to keep your feet warm and dry. Remember to bring a pair of comfortable slippers or flip-flops to rest your feet in after your hike.
    • Waterproofs. Although rainfall is less frequent in June, it is always advisable to carry a light mackintosh to protect you from unexpected rainfall.
    • Hat and sunscreen. In summer it is very important to protect yourself from the sun by wearing a hat, applying sun cream and avoiding walking in the middle of the day
    • Swimwear. All the routes have places where you can cool off. The paths that run along the coast have beautiful beaches to enjoy, while on the inland paths you will find a multitude of rivers, pools and municipal swimming pools where you can take a dip.
    • Lightweight backpack. Opt for a lightweight, durable backpack to help you carry your belongings efficiently. We recommend a backpack with a capacity of 30 or 40 litres and no more than 10% of your own weight to avoid injuries caused by the weight of your luggage.
    • Water bottle. It is important to stay hydrated at all times. Carry a water bottle and fill it whenever you can.
    • First aid kit. Health and safety are important on your pilgrimage, so in your backpack you should have bandages and disinfectants; and medicines that you may need such as painkillers, anti-inflammatories or others that you may need.
    • External battery and adapters. It is important to have an external battery to charge your devices along the way. You will also need an adapter if you are travelling from a country outside Europe.
    • Documents and pilgrim credentials. Do not forget your ID card (or passport if you are travelling from outside Spain), your pilgrim credentials and any important identification documents.
    Peregrinos en el Camino en junio

    Celebrations and festivities in June in Galicia

    In June, you’ll find plenty of activities to enjoy and relax after a long walk. If you plan to do the Camino this month, here are some of the most popular celebrations in Galicia.

    Feast of Corpus Christi (between 30 May and the first week of June)

    The Corpus Christi festival is a religious celebration that commemorates the institution of the Eucharist. In Redondela, it takes on a special character where the inhabitants make floral carpets that adorn the streets of the town and take part in the processions dressed in traditional Galician costumes.

    Coca Festival in Redondela (varies between the first and second weekend of June)

    Coinciding with the feast of Corpus Christi, for five days, the Fiesta de la Coca takes place, a celebration inspired by an ancient local legend in which a dragon, known as the Coca, terrorised the town. Since then, the figure of Coca has taken part in the Corpus Christi procession along the flower-decked streets alongside traditional dances and orchestras.

    Arde Lucus in Lugo (13 to 16 June)

    The aim of this festival is to commemorate the founding of the city of Lugo. For three days, it once again becomes Lucus Augusti, a city of great importance in Roman Gallaecia, where its people dress up in period costumes and enjoy numerous leisure and cultural activities.

    Arde Lucus

    Bonfires of San Juan (night of 23rd to 24th June)

    The bonfires of the night of San Juan are a deep-rooted tradition in various parts of Europe to celebrate the arrival of summer. Declared a Festival of International Tourist Interest, A Coruña is one of the essential destinations to celebrate this magical night on Riazor beach, accompanied by other activities such as parades of bands and floats.

    Other local festivities

    June is also a month of celebrations and festivities in various towns and cities in Galicia. One of the most popular is the Festa do Raxo in Ponteceso, which you can attend if you are on the English Way.

    In short, if you are organising your next Camino, remember that June awaits you with open arms on the Camino de Santiago, a path of self-discovery, beauty and connection that will leave a mark on you long after you reach Santiago de Compostela.

    ¡Buen Camino!

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