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Are you planning your next day trip to Finisterre or Rias Baixas region?

It is quite easy to organize different day tours departing from Santiago de Compostela, to discover other areas of Galicia region. It is a really diverse land, where you will be able to see different kinds of landscapes: white sand beaches, steep cliffs, green mountains, sand dunes, rivers… There are many travelers looking to discover the beauty, traditions and culture of this region.

But, which are the most popular day tours for those tourists that visit Galicia? Which places are must if you are a couple of days in the area?

Day trip to Finisterre

There are no doubts about this, if there is one excursion that stands out among the rest, that is the day trip to Finisterre. This lovely town is located in the heart of this area known as Costa da Morte (the Coast of Death). Finisterre, was considered for many centuries as the easternmost point of Europe, and called “the End of the World” by the Roman Empire. But this was not actually true, as this point is located in Portugal (the Cabo de la Roca). Even in Galicia region, there is another cape that is even more occidental, that is Cabo Touriñán ¡n (which is very close to Finisterre).

Finisterre Galiwonders FaroWe will be able to contemplate the immensity of the ocean from this lovely fishing village, walk around the port, or taste the delicious seafoods from the area (the most popular delicacy: goose barnacles).

If you take on a day trip to Finisterre, you will be able to discover other really nice areas around. These kind of day tours usually include Pontemaceira, Muxía or the Ézaro Waterfalls.

It is really easy to organize a day trip to Finisterre, and spend the day in the area. As it is a really popular excursion, there are daily departures from Santiago de Compostela. These day tours usually cost 50 per person, and include transportation (pick up from your hotel), English speaking guide, and even lunch. You can find more information about this day tour.

Day trip to Rí­as Baixas

On the other hand, there is another day tour departing from Santiago that is also really popular: that is the day trip to Rias Baixas region. This is a really popular area to spend the summer, even for the locals.

And we can understand why: its lovely white sand beaches and crystalline waters are the perfect place to relax and get away from the routine. But we can find way more than beaches on this region, that is popular because of other reasons, like its wine. The Albariño wine is highly-regarded, and wine tours are becoming really popular in the area. Any day trip to Rias Baixas typically includes a tour to the vineyards, winery, and wine tasting.

Also, these tours usually include the boat trip around the estuary (Ría), generally departing from O Grove (a fishing village in the area, which is very popular because of its seafood). During the trip you will be able to try some delicious mussels and a glass of Albariño wine.  white wine 1761575 640

There are other popular stops that are typically included on this kind of day trips to Rias Baixas, besides the boat tour or the visit to the winery, for example: La Toja Island, or La Lanzada Beach.

Your will be able to enjoy all these activities for only 50 per person (including transfers from Santiago, and English speaking guide). See all the information.

There are other day trips around Galicia, but since the demand is lower, daily departures are not guaranteed all the year round. For example, the Ribeira Sacra region, the Beach of the Cathedrals, or Corrubedo Sand Dunes.

Are you looking for more information about our day trips to Finisterre or Rias Baixas? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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    Hi, I went on the Camino last summer and fell i locpve with FInisterre. What can you suggest to spend a week or more in relax there? Any direct flight from Milan or Verona? Any ideas and links for accomodation are welcome, thanks

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