Coronavirus Cancellation Policy

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At Galiwonders we truly want our clients to enjoy a safe trip on the Camino de Santiago and La Via Francigena. For this reason, and because there are some cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Spain and Italy, we have decided to modify our cancellation and change policy in some particular cases.

Most of the routes organized by Galiwonders do not pass through any area that is under special protocols or measures (like the cancellation of educational activities). In general, supermarkets, hostels and other reference points for pilgrims are normally open. Nevertheless, we recommend to all the travelers to get information about the protocols that authorities establish daily.

The measures to contain the coronavirus are bing taken step by step depending on the development of the virus. For this reason, we have some alternatives to make it easier for you to manage your route. In case the authorities advise against visiting some of the places where we offer our services and where you have already booked your tour, we recommend you to contact us at This way, we will be able to offer you some alternatives without the regular fees:

  • Change of date. In this case, we will honor the same price agreed when the booking was confirmed, if you travel before the end of 2021 (Holy Year). Even if the price increases (which is likely to happen due to the Holy Year), you won’t pay any extra. We strongly recommend this option, that will prevent you from loosing any money in the process, as it guarantees the same rate agreed when the service was booked, with no extra charges applied.
  • Change of destination: in this case if you decide to book a different trip with a different price, we would apply the rate valid for this particular tour.
  • Voucher for the value of your trip: if you haven’t decided your new dates, don’t worry. We will send you a voucher for the amount you have paid, to be used in the future (until the 31/12/2021).

Please note that this policy is only applied to those destinations that are officially included on the restriction areas because of coronavirus (COVID-19) on the dates you were planning to travel. At the moment, it is applied to those clients traveling before the 31st of May 2020. If you want to make any changes but you are traveling after this date, our General Policy will be applied.

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We suggest to all our travelers to check regularly the news about coronavirus (COVID-19) in Spain, Italy, France and Portugal. It is important to get information about the security measures that all Governments are taking in order to avoid the propagation of the virus. This way, you will be updated on how this could affect your trip. In addition, please try to follow the advises regarding to preventive measures given by authorities.

These weeks are being quite difficult for the tourism industry, and we would like to thank for all the gestures of comprehension and gratitude we have received these days. We would also like to send all our strength and empathy to all people affected by these exceptional circumstances, in any way.

We expect that, as experts highlight, the situation will be solved over the next few weeks. So we will be able to continue offering unforgettable experiences, with our usual devotion and professionalism.

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