Connections between Portugal and Spain on the Portuguese Coastal Route

ferry from Portugal to Spain

If you are interested in doing the Portuguese Coastal Route from Oporto to Santiago de Compostela, you need to find out about the state of the connections between Portugal and Spain before embarking on this Xacobean route.

Let’s see what options you have to cross the river Minho, natural border between the two countries!

Connections between Portugal and Spain on the Portuguese Coastal Route

On the Portuguese Coastal Route from Porto, there is usually a ferry that allows pilgrims to cross the Miño River from Caminha to A Guarda.

In general, there are two options for pilgrims to reach A Guarda from Caminha:

1) Ferry, more information:
2) Taxi boat. There are several options that can be seen once at the pier, the price is usually 5€-10€/person approx.

Please note that this is not a Galiwonders service. It is not included in our packages. Schedules and prices may vary, so the company is not responsible for eventual changes.


Connections between Portugal and Spain on the Portuguese Coastal Route


Due to the complications caused by the Covid 19 pandemic and the low number of pilgrims who made this route during 2020, the service stopped working for a while. Later, there were some breakdowns and only private taxi boat services continued to operate.

Considering that the availability of this service may vary, we always advise our pilgrims to get the proper information about the service before their trip begins and to book it in advance to make sure they do not have any problems once they start their journey.

Last year 2021, in the low season, for example, the ferry did not operate and in addition only a private taxi boat service was active.

Continue your Camino in Spain

Then, once in Spain, you can take a direct route to the city from the ferry or follow the coast towards A Guarda to enjoy excellent views of the estuary (adding 4kms). The fishing village of A Guarda is home to the most impressive ancient Gallo-Roman settlements in Galicia. The Castro of Santa Tecla is a real archaeological gem with stunning views of the ocean and the river Minho that separates Spain and Portugal.

Castri de Santa Trega A Guarda GaliWonders min


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