5 Reasons to walk the Camino de Santiago after the Coronavirus

We are still experiencing a period characterized by uncertainty. What we knew as “normal” has changed, due to the Coronavirus crisis. But, as we always say, we keep dreaming about being able to travel again. And, when circumstances allow us to do so, we will walk the Camino de Santiago after the Coronavirus. And we expect that to be sooner than latter! Let’s see why it’s a good idea to organize this kind of adventure, as soon as we are able to. 

Are you thinking about walking the Camino de Santiago after the Coronavirus?

And here we are in May 2020, as always with a positive outlook on the future and with so much energy to prepare our next adventures along the ways to Santiago de Compostela. During this very special year, the coronavirus pandemic has been and continues to be one of the most shocking events in modern history.

However, as always, we encourage you to look at the circumstances with a proactive attitude and as an opportunity to rediscover a world that we had partly abandoned: the rural world.

Slow Tourism en el Camino de Santiagoo


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    1. People want to be outdoors, away from the crowds and in full immersion in nature

    During the quarantine many people have started to feel attracted to the countryside and green areas.  The need to escape from the overcrowding and noise of the big cities, and instead reach more isolated villages, is becoming more widespread.

    This interest in rural areas also comes about when we consider the demand in tourist destinations for this 2020. Probably never before have we deserved a moment of calm for ourselves and our family like this year. We have a great desire to feel free to live a relaxing experience and return little by little to the normality that has been taken from us so suddenly.

    2. Enjoy Slow Tourism

    Precisely because of these desires, a new attention is being encouraged towards a more responsible, more secluded and sustainable type of tourism where nature is the true protagonist: Slow Tourism.

    Through this type of tourism, also called undertourism, we discover the great potential of the less crowded destinations.  These are, in fact, richer in charm and real touristic jewels.

    In addition to offering tourists the opportunity to discover the landscapes, history and architectural beauty of their own country, it is also possible to consider how this new form of tourism makes it possible to travel with a security that at this time is of primary importance.

    Our invitation is that you do not feel limited by this circumstance. On the contrary. We have to see the splendid potential of this new way of traveling, that characterizes the Camino de Santiago. In fact, many people fall so much in love with this slow tourism that they don’t go back to mass destinations anymore.

    Hacer el Camino de Santiago después de la cuarentena

    Without any doubt, the Camino de Santiago belongs to this more sustainable type of tourism. This is not only closer to the people involved in it but it also fully respects the environment and local economies.

    By travelling along one of the many routes to the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, each pilgrim can experience a unique journey, accompanied or alone. Step by step, he will discover the rural environment, the historical and cultural richness of the villages that will cross, talking to the people on the way and enjoying the typical dishes.

    This year we probably won’t be able to travel by plane as easily as before, but you don’t have to worry about this eventuality either.

     3. Easy to access 

    A road trip to the starting point of one of the routes of the Camino de Santiago could already hold some surprises for us. And then, a path in the middle of the nature and the freedom of a unique journey, far from the big crowds, awaits us.

    What do you think?

    Let’s give ourselves time to walk, to discover our territory with calm and patience. Let’s get ready to cross on foot (or by bicycle) that wonderful landscape we are used to go through in a hurry. Instead of flying to distant and crowded destinations, why don’t we appreciate how wonderful it is what we have around?

    This is our chance to travel that camino we have heard so much about!

    4. Health and safety always in the foreground on the Camino de Santiago after the Coronavirus

    In order for a whole range of official restrictions and certifications, imposed on a scientific basis by the World Health Organization (WHO), to minimize the spread of the coronavirus, we will have to strive to maintain health and safety measures.


    Camino de Santiago después del confinamiento


    The same tourism agencies that stand out at the moment, are the ones that put, now more than ever, the client in the center of their care and attention. An agency such as Galiwonders, which offers an excellent tailor-made service to its clients, is the perfect example of how, choosing local professionals is the best option when you’ll organize your journey.

    Local Experts in the Way, we will be able to propose the best alternatives to the most crowded caminos with itineraries such as the Primitive Way, the Winter Way or the Lighthouse Way.

    Moreover, with 24/24 assistance you will not have to worry because we will always be available to help you in case of need.

    5. Save money while helping the environment and the local economy.

    As mentioned above, this year it will be more complicated to travel by plane and reach foreign countries, but not everything is negative!

    Let’s face this situation, not only as an opportunity to get to know those lesser-known places in our country, perhaps a bit out of the ordinary, but certainly wonderful.

    Also, we have to consider that this circumstance will allow us to save money while helping the environment and its preservation.

    Camino de Santiago after the Coronavirus

    A change that starts with us

    In conclusion, we can say that despite the negative consequences of the situation, we have learned that everything is in constant motion and that we cannot take anything for granted.

    But we should not be afraid of change!

    The slowness imposed on us by the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we think and the value we give and will give to the opportunities that arise from here on.

    We ourselves are the protagonists of this change in society, through a more careful attitude towards others, towards our community, towards nature.

    If we understand that this is the ideal moment to embark on a new adventure like doing the Camino de Santiago, we will live this experience with plenitude and joy, and we will return more full of energy than ever!

    After reading all the benefits of walking the Camino de Santiago after the Coronavirus, if you want to experience this great adventure, please do not hesitate to contact us to receive all the information about your trip. 

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