10 reasons to book now the Camino in Holy Year 2021

10 reasons camino holy year

Are you thinking about walking the Camino de Santiago in the next Holy Year, 2021? 

Do you think it will be much more expensive? Are you afraid  to run out of hotels with all the people who’ll want to do it?

Let’s find out 10 reasons why the Camino to Santiago in 2021 is a good decision!

Indeed, to choose when to walk the Camino de Santiago is an important decision. Many people decide to do it in summertime, because it’s more social that way. From May to July, there are more pilgrims and if you want to share this experience with others this is the best time. However, other pilgrims prefer to walk the route in winter because they might prefer to enjoy the landscape alone and spend more time with themselves.

Moreover, some people take the decision to walk the camino suddenly, while others spend months to plan it.

Usually, the year chosen to walk their route, is not the most important thing. But there are some exceptions.

For example, when we talk about next year, 2021.

Why? Because it will be Holy Year.

If you want to be part of the thousands of pilgrims who will reach the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, check out more!

We explain you ten reasons why we think you should book now your route for the Camino de Santiago in 2021.

1-. Why is the Jubilee Year special?

The Holy Year happen when July 25th, celebration of Santiago the Apostle, falls on a Sunday. This doesn’t happen regularly, but it occurs every 6-5-6-11 years.

You might ask yourself: “Why is the celebration of the Holy Year not regular?”

The reason is because of the leap years. Every four years, there is an extra day added to the month of February in order to compensate the extra time (a quarter of day) that is not counted in a regular year. For this reason, the Holy Year is not fixed.

Without the leap years, there would be a Holy Year every seven years.

The next Holy Year will be in 2021. This will also be the 120th occasion that this special event will be celebrated.

The previous Jubilee Years were in 2004 and 2010. In both cases, there was an increase in the number of pilgrims and tourists that wanted to visit the city of Santiago de Compostela and its impressive Cathedral.

This increase in the number of pilgrims who decided to undertake one of the many itineraries to reach the city of the Apostle Santiago is incredible. In 2010, for instance, 272,135 pilgrims obtained their Compostela certificate, while only 145,877 did it in 2009. This means an increase of more than 100,000 people from one year to the following one.

2-. Easy to socialize during the Holy Year

pilgrims galiwonders

The increase in the number of pilgrims during the Holy Year makes this the perfect  opportunity to socialize. There are thousands of people walking the different routes on the Camino de Santiago. This happens mainly during the most popular months, from April to October. For this reason, choosing 2021 to go by walk or by bike to Santiago de Compostela, is the perfect idea in order to meet new people from all over the world.

3-. Santiago de Compostela is more alive than ever

The city of Santiago de Compostela has less than 100,000 inhabitants. From September to June, around 17,000 students are in town (according to the information of the University of Santiago de Compostela in 2019).

The atmosphere is totally different during summertime, when these students come back home and the pilgrims fill the  streets, the shops and the bars of this city. Because the Jubilee Year is so crowded, you can feel the atmosphere of the Camino more than ever.

That’s the perfect time to know what Santiago de Compostela has to offer you!

4-. The Camino is full of cultural activityCamino Santiago Jubilee Year 2021

The preparation for the Holy Year is being meticulous, since it will be the first within eleven years (the last Jubilee year was celebrated in 2010).

It is expected that the cities and towns through which the routes pass, will have a wide cultural offer.

Thus, the autonomous communities through which the Way of Saint James passes, will host different musical performances, street plays or special events in the main historical sites.

This will help everyone to get to know more about the cultural diversity that this experience represents and will make the route more enjoyable for the many pilgrims who are expected to come.

These types of activities are very common. The Xunta of Galicia (governmental institution in charge of Galicia region) will inform about the activities through its web page, in the Agenda of Events. All those pilgrims who are interested, could enjoy their time left, between stages, and take part on the activities. They can consult the options online or at the tourism information offices.

Many of the activities taking place now, in 2019, are a prelude to those to come.

5-. …and the offer in Santiago de Compostela is the best

With no doubt, the most common destination, among the pilgrims who decide to walk the Camino, is Santiago de Compostela. Although, every year more and more people are encouraged to continue until Fisterra or Muxía.

Because the city of Compostela is the main place of all the routes, the cultural offer here is much better than in any other spots of the Camino.

For this reason, if you are thinking to reach Santiago de Compostela during the Holy Year 2021, we recommend you to stay a couple of days in the city. This will give you the chance to know better this UNESCO Heritage Site. With no rush, you can discover every corner of this amazing site and learn more about its history.

Furthermore, you can participate in the activities that will take place here.

6-.The opening of the Holy DoorSantiago Apóstol Cathedral Galiwonders

On the 31st of December of the year before the Jubilee Year they open the Holy Door. Then, it will be closed one year later. During this period, it remains open so that all pilgrims, tourists and residents of the city can access the Cathedral of Santiago through it.

The access to the Holy Door is in Praza da Quintana and communicates almost directly with the main altar.

This is important because it is here that the tradition of embracing the Romanesque figure of the Apostle, dating from the 13th century, is fulfilled. In addition, the remains of the Apostle Santiago and his two disciples Athanasius and Theodore are in a small mausoleum under this altar.

Also, this is the point where the Pilgrim Mass takes place every day at 12pm.

7-. The Holy Year, important for the faithfuls

The Holy Year is important not only for pilgrims on the Way but also for all the faithfuls in general. There are a lot of people that decide to visit the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in this period.

The celebration of this year grants complete indulgence to all the faithfuls who carry out, from their will, these three requirements:

  • To visit the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.
  • Saying a prayer (the Creed or the Lord’s Prayer) and ask for the Pope’s blessing. Also, if it is possible, it is recommended to attend the Holy Mass.
  • To receive the sacraments of penance and the communion in the two weeks prior or after the visit to the Cathedral.

10 reasons to walk the camino 2021

8-. Don’t worry about the accommodation

Due to the massive amount of pilgrims who will arrive in Santiago during the Holy Year 2021, the best thing to do is booking in advance your accommodation. If you book now, we will guarantee you a place where to stay during your camino. This is fundamental because after walking 15- 30 km/day, you will just want to rest.

Remember, that public hostels don’t allow pilgrims to make bookings in advance. Because of this, if you choose this option, it is important that you arrive with enough time to take one of the available beds.

9-. You can choose where to spend the night

Many pilgrims try to avoid those accommodation where you have to share the room. However, others prefer to live this experience in the classic way. Said so, the important is that you feel comfortable and you can rest enough to continue walking the day after.

Galiwonders offers you the opportunity to book amazing accommodation with private rooms, that include breakfast, and dinner if you wish. The hotels, hostels and paradores which we are working with, have individual, double and triple rooms with bathroom. After a long day, this is a good opportunity to chill out and enjoy your free time without any preoccupations.

In addition to that, if you book now, you can choose which kind of accommodation you prefer. The sooner we start with the booking process, the better options we can offer to our customers.

10-. Don’t wait, the next Holy Year is in 2027

Santiago de Compostela Jubilee Year 2021

We will need to wait other six years before the next Jubilee Year will take place, in 2027.

If you want to live the Camino de Santiago when there is the Jacobean Year, we suggest you to not miss this chance and book now for 2021.

As a pilgrim, you will enjoy your camino in a very special moment related to the Pilgrimage to Santiago. And if you find out that this is the best moment to do the Way of St James, you can start to plan your journey thinking in the next Holy Year.

If after reading our reasons to book the accommodation for the Camino de Santiago for the Holy Year 2021, you realized that it is what you want to do, don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you are not sure about it, please write us to info@galiwonders.com and we will help you to plan the best route for you. Galiwonders create your tailor-made Camino.

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