luggage transfer on the Camino

Luggage transfer on the Camino de Santiago

Contents1 Luggage transfer on the Camino: what does it mean?2 How does luggage transfer work?3 Where do I need to leave my bag?4 What time should I leave my luggage, and when will it be ready at the next hotel?5 How many bags can I include?6 What happens if I don’t find my luggage when...
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Strangers on Earth Camino de Santiago documentary Galiwonders

Strangers on Earth, new Camino de Santiago documentary

Contents1 What led you to make “Strangers on the Earth”?2 There are different movies and documentaries about the Camino de Santiago, what is special about Strangers on the Earth?3 The story of Dane Johansen, is it a real story?4 Was it difficult to film on the Camino? How long did it take to make the documentary?5...
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Camino de Santiago Galiwonders
Apr at ROADSHOW Spagna 2018

Contents1 Where to meet the Galiwonders team:2 What can we offer?3 Which are the most popular Camino de Santiago Tours?4 Other Experiences in Galicia region: We will be visiting some of the most important cities of Italy to promote the Camino de Santiago We are calling all our Italian customers, and pilgrims who are thinking...
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Camino de Santiago Tour Galiwonders

Booking my Camino de Santiago Tour: details to consider

Contents1 Booking my Camino de Santiago tour: first stages1.1 Number of people and room type: 1.2 Travel dates: 1.3 Meals on the Camino de Santiago Are you planning to book a Camino de Santiago tour? Here you have a couple of details to have into account So many questions arise when we start planning our Camino de...
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Let’s discover 5 Camino de Santiago facts

Contents1 1) The most ancient route of the Camino de Santiago is…2 2) The name “Santiago de Compostela”comes from…3 3) When is Holy Year on the Camino de Santiago?4 4) Where does the Camino de Santiago start?5 5) The origin of the scallop shell as a symbol of the Camino de Santiago Today we are...
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